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Intel Stating OS Android Not Ready to Processor Quadcore

Posted on the 13 June 2012 by Hpmurah2u @hpmurah2u
Intel inside
As  reported Android phone to start using the Intel Inside logo, as has been launched in India recently. Intel processor as the company's best-known manufacturers in the world as well as the market leader eventually intend to enter the world of smartphones to compete with Qualcomm, Nvidia, Samsung, Texas Instruments and others. Intel criticized his rivals who had released a quadcore chipset. 
Through the General Manager of Intel's Mobile and communcation Groups, Mike Bell, they stated: From the way the applied current, the Android OS does not make an effective use of multicore processors because quite frankly, I think to fix this can actually be done by the vendor that produces System on Chip (SoC), but they just have not bothered to do so. It appears that he actually stated that their competitors should try to fix the Android OS multitasking support, rather than focusing only to the hardware. For example if there will be 6 core processors, if the software is not optimized properly then there is no benefit from the use of the 6 core processors. What do you think?

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