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Integrated Sink Bathroom Vanities Inspired with Design

By Jakemontgomery @LTDOnlineStores

Bathroom vanities with integrated sinks have gained popularity with a distinct sense of appeal and unique design. Integrated sinks blend the wash basin with the countertop into a single one-piece top that is attached directly to the cabinet.

Many of these sinks offer curved and modular designs that blend with the facade of the cabinet with smooth lines that are only made possible with the molding of the basin. Integrated sinks are wonderful in the bathroom because they are easy to clean and offer a change to something new.

Integrated Sinks for Bathroom

Integrated sinks are different from undermount sinks in that the sink and the countertop are one piece. With an undermount sink, the basin is mounted (attached) beneath the countertop often giving it the appearance that it is part of the countertop.

Bathroom Vanities with Integrated Sinks/Countertops

Rigel Double Sink Vanity

Modern Vanity with Integrated Sink

48″ Rigel Double Sink Vanity. $1099.00.

Estrella Double Sink Wall-Mounted Vanity

Double Sink Glass Wall Mount Vanity

58″ Estrella Double Sink Wall-Mounted Vanity. $895.00.


Bathroom Vanity with Copper Integrated Sink

22″ Cobre Single Bath Vanity. $1526.00.

Celine Double Sink Vanity

Celine Vanity with Integrated Porcelain Sink

48″ Celine Double Sink Vanity. $1099.00.

Gloria Double Sink Vanity

Virtu USA Gloria Bathroom Vanity with Integrated Sinks

47.25″ Gloria Double Sink Vanity. $1335.00. Also available in 23.75″.

Torino Single Bath Vanity

Virtu Torino Modern Vanity

30″ to 54″ Torino Single Bath Vanity. $999.00.

Ludwig Single Bath Vanity – Glass Top

Glass Integrated Counter for Bath Vanity

35.5″ Ludwig Single Bath Vanity – Glass Top. $799.00.

Masaya Style 2 Single Bath Vanity

Masaya Integrated Sink

40″ Masaya Style 2 Single Bath Vanity. $899.00.

Mezzo Single Bath Vanity – Gray Oak

Fresca Mezzo Wall Mounted Bath Vanity

39″ Mezzo Single Bath Vanity – Gray Oak. $1299.00.

Lyra Single Wall-Mounted Bath Vanity

Lyra JWH Living

35.5″ Lyra Single Wall-Mounted Bath Vanity. $699.00.

Livello Single Bath Vanity – Black

Livello Single Bath Vanity with Integrated Sink

29.5″ Livello Single Bath Vanity – Black. $1099.00.

Aria Single Bath Vanity

Aria Glass Top Vanity

40″ Aria Single Bath Vanity. $999.00.

Sierra Single Bath Vanity

Sierra Modern Integrated Bath Sink

40″ Sierra Single Bath Vanity. $999.00.

Unico Double Sink Vanity

Unico Glass Top Bathroom Vanity

63″ Unico Double Sink Vanity. $1699.00.

Jade Single Vanity – Glass Top

Integrated Glass Bathroom Countertop

48″ Jade Single Vanity – Glass Top. $1299.00.

Masselin Single Bath Vanity

Masselin Modern Bath Vanity with Open Shelf

31.5″ Masselin Single Bath Vanity. $1,035.00.

Avaline Single Bath Vanity

Avaline Vanity with Tempered Glass Countertop

47.25″ Avaline Single Bath Vanity. $1259.00.

Energia Single Bath Vanity – White

White Energia Wall Mount Vanity

36″ Energia Single Bath Vanity – White. Also available in Red and Orange. $1,049.00.

Axa Double Sink Vanity

Ava Double Sink Gray Oak Bathroom Vanity

60″ Axa Double Sink Vanity – Gray Oak. Also available in White and Espresso. $1,499.00.

Vita Single Bath Vanity

Fresca Vita Modern Bathroom Vanity

43.25″ Vita Single Bath Vanity. $1149.00.

Cerenova Single Bath Vanity

Cerenova Integrated Bathroom Sink

48″ Cerenova Single Bath Vanity. $2,275.00.

Largo Double Sink Vanity – Black

Largo Integrated Top Bathroom Vanity from Fresca

56.75″ Largo Double Sink Vanity – Black. Also available in Gray Oak Finish. $1,449.00.

Cortese Single Bath Vanity

Cortese Vanity with integrated Glass Top

31.75″ Cortese Single Bath Vanity. $939.00.

Sevan Single Bath Vanity

Sevan Open Space Vanity

28″ Sevan Single Bath Vanity. $675.00.

Distinto Single Bath Vanity

Distinto Single Bath Vanity from Fresca

27″ Distinto Single Bath Vanity. $799.00.

Campania Single Bath Vanity

Compania Single Bath Vanity

30″ Campania Single Bath Vanity. $675.00.

Altamira Single Bath Vanity

Altamira Integrated Top Vanity

39″ Altamira Single Bath Vanity – Walnut. Also available in Black. $929.00.

Levanto Single Vessel Sink Vanity

Levanto Vessel Sink Vanity

39″ Levanto Single Vessel Sink Vanity. $2,320.00.

Rapallo Single Bath Vanity

The Lexington Vanity with Integrated Sink

48″ Rapallo Single Bath Vanity. $1,965.00.

Thessaly Single Bath Vanity

Thessaly Open Shelf Vanity

27.5″ Thessaly Single Bath Vanity. $734.00.

Perfecta Double Sink Vanity

Modern Bathroom Vanity with Integrated Sinks

72″ Perfecta Double Sink Vanity. $1,950.00.

Aguila Double Sink Vanity

Aguila Double Integrated Sinks

92″ Aguila Double Sink Vanity. Also available with White Marble Top. $2,985.00.

Elissos Single Bath Vanity

Elissos Fresca Honey Oak Vanity

24″ Elissos Single Bath Vanity – Wild Honey Oak. Also available in Dark Wenge Finish. $999.00.

Aguila Single Bath Vanity

Aguila Single Bath Vanity with White Marble Integrated Sink

36″ to 56″ Aguila Single Bath Vanity. $1,559.00.

Carmelius Single Bath Vanity

Carmelius Integrated Bathroom Sink

60″ Carmelius Single Bath Vanity. $3,599.00.

Gavius Double Sink Vanity

Gavius Travertine Integrated Bathroom Sink

60″ Gavius Double Sink Vanity. $3,699.00.

Stephanie Single Bath Vanity

Wall Mounted Vanity with Integrated Sink

48″ Stephanie Single Bath Vanity. Also available in 36″ width. $1,099.00.

Rutilius Double Sink Vanity

Rutilius Vanity with Travertine Integrated Sink Top

83″ Rutilius Double Sink Vanity. $3,350.00.

Carlow Single Bath Vanity

48 Inch Carlow Single Bath Vanity with Travertine Sink Top

48″ Carlow Single Bath Vanity. $1,940.00.

Vianos Single Bath Vanity

Vianos Open Shelf Bathroom Vanity

31.5″ Vianos Single Bath Vanity. $880.00.

Citrus Single Bath Vanity

Citrus Modern Vanity Integrated Sink

48″ Citrus Single Bath Vanity. $1,149.00.

Hampton Road Double Sink Vanity

Integrated White Agate Fossil Stone Top Sink

60″ Hampton Road Double Sink Vanity with Integrated White Agate Fossil Stone Top Sink. Also available in 48″ width and 72″ width. $4,200.00.

Voranado Single Bath Vanity

Vornado Mirrored Vanity with Integrated Sinks

36″ Voranado Single Bath Vanity. $2,520.00.

Bakunin Single Bath Vanity

Bakunin Vanity with Phoenix Stone Integrated Counter

48″ Bakunin Single Bath Vanity with Phoenix Stone Integrated Counter. $1,089.00.

Luster Single Bath Vanity

White Agate Fossil Stone Countertop

36″ Luster Single Bath Vanity with white Agate Fossil Stone Countertop. $2,940.00.

Marilian Single Bath Vanity – Walnut

Walnut Vanity with Porcelain Integrated Countertop

31.5″ Marilian Single Bath Vanity – Walnut. $770.00.

Marilian Single Bath Vanity – Black

Marilian Black Porcelain Top Vanity

31.5″ Marilian Single Bath Vanity – Black. $770.00.

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This is just a sample of the vanities with integrated sinks that can be found at Tradewinds Imports.com. Tradewinds Imports.com works with all of the best brands and manufacturers to offer over 3,000 high quality bathroom vanities.

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