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Instruction on Security Enforcement

Posted on the 30 November 2012 by Yogeshvashist98 @YogeshVashist98

Enforcing security measures is a very important part of an online computer Instruction on Security Enforcementlab’s daily operation. It is the joint effort of students, instructors, and the computer service department to keep the computer lab secure. Due to the fact that each student may be the administrators of several servers in the lab, the students or instructors may easily create a security hole in the lab. In addition to the computer service people, users in the lab need to be educated about the enforcement of security measures. Instructions and warnings on security issues should be available to all lab users. Security instructions may include the following items:

• Security problem reporting procedures,

• Information about how to keep computer systems and network systems secure,

• Announcement of security alerts,

• Information about the availability of service packs and security update patches,

• Instruction on the installation of security patches and service packs,

• Instruction on how to install and configure security software,

• Instruction on how to overcome a security vulnerability,

• Instruction on how to remove a computer virus, and

• Instruction on how to clean up an infected computer system or network system.

Security related information needs to be delivered to the users as soon as it is available. Posting a message on the Internet may not be enough. Using e-mail is a better way to deliver emergency messages.

Multimedia Course Content Development

As mentioned earlier, the multimedia format can be used for hands-on demonstrations and lab activity manuals. In this paragraph, we will investigate some general procedures on creating multimedia course content. The following are some commonly used methods for creating multimedia course content:

• Capturing activities on screen,

• Developing multimedia presentations,

• Recording and editing movies, or

• Displaying hand-written content with virtual whiteboards.

More detailed descriptions on the procedures of carrying out these tasks are given in the following.

Screen Capture

Many tools are available to carry out this task. Some of these tools can be used to capture still images on screen. There are also many tools that can record all the activities that happen on a screen. After the software is installed on a computer that will be used for demonstrations, it is relatively easy to capture the activities on a screen. To capture still images of a screen, you can follow the steps below.

• Make sure that the screen content is what you want to capture.

• Start the screen capture tool.

• Specify the screen capture type. Most of the screen capture tools give users the choice of selecting the entire screen, an open window on the screen, a scrolling window, an image on the screen, a specific region on the screen, and so on.

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