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Posted on the 13 June 2012 by Telecolumnist @tele_columnist

One of the most Popular technology across all mobile platforms Instagram which supports the reader can read its favorite content without getting imageonline, means offline reading is available for Android Phones. I keep looking for such products which makes life of my reader more easier with the help of latest technologies available in the Market. The fun of writing is when you spend some time researching. And I love to spend time Researching and reading because what I feel is the technology is meant for people. And if people are unaware about the technology there is no use of such technology. My purpose of writing post is to just ensure that the technology which is able to make life easier for me should be conveyed to readers as well because there are many readers which are still looking out for solutions to the problems which I faced previously. Coming back to the post in hand

Issues that mobile Internet surfers face is

1. Content takes lot of time sometimes to load.

2. To read the complete long story on mobile reader need to revisit the page on Mobile Internet again and again which repeats the pain as mentioned in Point Number 1 and dig a big hole in readers pocket with swelling mobile Internet bill.

Normal Mobile Internet charges for Surfing in India is about 10paise/10Kb what is the charge of a normal mobile Internet in your country do let me know probably we can write another post stating the charges you incur across the world to visit popular sites.

Coming to the Instagram which is going to sove our second Problem because first problem can be resolved by your service provider currently out of scope of this post we will cover it in upcoming posts “tips and tricks to improve Internet Speed on Your Mobile Handset”. The Instagram App for Android App is released for Indian Users at the cost of Rs 166.5. So this is a happy news for you if you are a Android user. Text Formatting, font adjust and text size variations are available along with Dark mode in this Instapaper app. Instapaper app strips down a webpage layout and after that it optimizes to make it readable. If you are able to download the complete webpage from web Instapaper allows it to be available for complete offline reading. Best thing I liked about this app is you don't need a WIFI or Internet connection to view the page without comprising he quality and the view of the page.

Aside to the above said features the size of the text can be adjusted as per the reading comfort. If you are worried for your battery life you can reverse the look and go for darker background with white text. App can be purchased from Google Play Store.


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