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By Thestyletreaty @thestyletreaty

INSTAGRAMMINGINSTAGRAMMINGINSTAGRAMMINGINSTAGRAMMINGIt was going to happen eventually and if it hasn't already to you, well it's about to. I've turned into an Instagram whore. Being a blogger, snapping pictures of inspirational things and recording my everyday life is a must. My friends hate me for constantly snapping pictures and they constantly moan, but to me every photo is a memory of keep sake and I hate the thought that when I'm older I might forget even the tiniest things that made an impact on my life. When I was a little girl I was used to grab my parents cameras, snapping numerous photos and using endless amounts of film (much to their dismay!) The excitement of going to Boots and picking up the photos filled my stomach with butterflies as I'd finally be able to see my photos come to life. Photography has turned into a huge passion of mine and my DSLR is pretty much my best friend. So, when I don't carry my bulky Pentax around with me, I've got this beauty of an app on my iPhone. Guaranteed to give me beautiful shots if I'm ever in need and instantly being able to share them with friends. If I'd had this when I was growing up I think I would have thought it to be completely magical, What more could I want? Well my friends do call me Miss Kodak after all...

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