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Inspiration – Where Does It Come From?

By Tranquilitynow @TranquilityNow1


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‎”The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain

Ever lose your motivation? Or suffer from the dreaded writer’s and/or idea block? I found that such events occur when one lacks inspiration.  So the easy fix is to figure out what inspires us in order to bring back those ideas and our motivation.  After some searching, I figured out what to do next time this happens to me.  This is what inspires me:
Music – My first love.  I have been comforted, outraged, saddened, pumped up, and turned on by music.  It is was there for me when everyone was being mean to me in school as a child all the way to now when co-workers or the world just makes me mad.  It has a way of kicking my ass and making me get up. 
Movies – Certain films have a way of inspiring us to be better or make us realize that we are human.  You can get lost in a good movie when the writing takes you away to another place to the point where you forget where you are or who you are with.
Books – Authors who have a knack for describing the world in a few sentences really draw me in and make me think I can be like them too.  You get lost in the details as your imagination runs wild.
Nature – The world is so beautiful.  It is hard not to be in awe of it.  Everything works in such a harmony.  Seeing the sun in the morning motivates me like no cup of coffee or exercise program can.
People – I love having intelligent conversations with smart, electrifying people.  Something about their passion as they talk just makes me want to climb a mountain (figuratively, of course). 
All of these things inspire me when the chips are down and I cannot figure out what to write next for my blog or how to add to my daily writings.  Who or what inspires you?

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