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Input Requested

By Unefemme @DejaPseu
Input Requested
I've been noticing an uptick in spam comments since I turned off word verification a few weeks ago, though few of them actually get posted; most are caught by the spam filter and only seen by those who are subscribing to any comment thread. I'll confess, they make me nuts. They're the blogging equivalent of robo-call telemarketers.
I've turned on moderation for posts older than a few days, though I am loathe to moderate all comments (as I love the "flow" of conversation that sometimes happens in comment threads) and am reluctant to turn the word verification back on, as some have complained about that. I tried dis-allowing anonymous comments, but some regular readers comment that way and I don't want to exclude them.
I'm assuming that you're all a pretty savvy bunch, and ignore any comments that seem mostly non-sensical, ending with something to the effect "look at my website CHEAP sunglasses". Still, let me know whether you'd prefer that I a) leave things as they are, b) turn comment moderation on for all comments, or c) turn word verification back on.
Your feedback is appreciated! More than anything I want to create and maintain a good experience for readers of this blog.
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