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Ingredients for the Happily-ever-after

By Allthingssixx @allthingssixx
  • The first secret of an everlasting relationship is trust. A marriage without it can easily crumble easily. Respect your partner's views even when they are different from yours.
  • Unpack the gunnysacks read unexpressed frustrations by opening the communication lines asap.
  • Observations at office and social gatherings may lead you to believe that they are having all the fun.Rather than wallow, devote your time and  energy to rekindle the good time between you and  your partner and genuinely love them.
  • Criticize, Compliment -  Criticism attacks a whole person, the core identity of an individual. Just like you, no one wants to feel that they are under constant attack. Be polite and tell the strengths and weakness of the one you are with.
  • Love his family, like family because finding your love is one thing, and getting his family to like you a totally another. The in laws play a prominent role in any marriage. Make sure not to make your spouse choose between yourself and rest of the family.
  • Have a strong faith that things would work out and always believe that your relationship is a gift from God that needs to be respected. Don't undermine the power of prayer.

This is the first guest post on this blog, coming in from a family member, my Bhabhi (sister-in-law in Hindi, brother's wife). Dear Bhabhi, Welcome! She is fondly known as Rimpy. :-)

Every Sunday, the forum is open for you all to share your views to the rest of the world through this blog. The arena is unlimited, the theme similar - anything that touches you, and can help someone else, in six points should make up a post. 
I will look forward to your emails to keep the guest series going.

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