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Infinity and Me - Book Review

By Maliasa


Infinity and Me - Book review

How do you imagine infinity? 

Well, infinity is a concept that many children ponder about. But until now, no one has made a children's book about infinity. The bookInfinity and Me is  playful introduction to a concept that many children may ponder about and a vision of love that spans over generations.

Infinity and Me - Book review

Meet Uma who struggles with all the mixed emotions that are the result of thinking about what infinity means. Mind boggling ideas and suggestions from her friends and family who tries to provide some clarity to the mathematical concept. The beautiful and expressive illustrations by Gabi Swiatkowskva, lure you to explore the pages, and each time you find something new. Infinite opportunities!
When I looked up, I shivered.How many stars were in the sky?A million? A billion?Maybe the number was as big as infinity.I started to feel very, very small.How could I even think of something as big as infinity?
Infinity and Me - Book review

Kate Hosford visited children to hear about their ideas about infinity. Below are some answers. 

  • “Infinity is a number that is supposed to be the last number but it isn’t really the last number because numbers go on and on.”
  • “Infinity is a place where you can’t stop counting.”
  • If you start counting to infinity, you will die and you will still be counting.”
  • “Every other number has a pair, like one has negative one, and two has negative two, but with infinity, infinity and negative infinity are the same thing.”
  • “Infinity is when you ask what is outside of a galaxy, and then outside of that, and on and on. "
Infinity and Me - Book review

Click here to Download a Guide for Infinity and Me.  Learn about the history of the infinity symbol, the lemniscate.  Some people think the symbol is related to an ancient symbol called the Ouroboros, which shows a snake eating its own tail. So why not create your own symbol. A great guide with history behind the story and suitable activities to help your child Think Dive into this fascinating subject.
Go here to visit Kate’s website. 

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