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Infertility Success Story: How I Became a Mother

By Momatlast @momatlast

My infertility success story is not unique. In fact, it is a very typical story for thousands of women. In the beginning I was disappointed by the length of time I had to wait before I could receive assistance, but the fertility support that I received was extremely helpful, and I was even offered a grant that would help with the financial aspects of going through infertility.
pregnancy success story
The Beginning

I first sought pregnancy support after three months of not becoming pregnant. I made an appointment at my ob/gyn office and was ready to discuss the fertility treatments that would be best for me. To my surprise my doctor told me I was perfectly normal and that I did not need any pregnancy aid at this time.

This was devastating to me because my husband and I had been trying for three months and were still not pregnant. I wanted the pregnancy help so I could finally have the baby that I had always dreamed of. I never believed that three months of not being pregnant was a normal time frame for women’s fertility. It was hard for me to understand why I could not get pregnancy assistance.

Getting Fertility Support

After trying for a year to have a baby, and being unsuccessful, we were finally able to get an appointment with a specialist. The specialist was exactly what I needed to assist in my fertility, grant me peace of mind, and motivate me to continue my dream of being a mother.

Fertility assistance was very much like I had expected it to be. I was surprised to hear about all the infertility grant programs and pregnancy grant programs that I could qualify for. It was very helpful for me to know that other women were going through the exact same emotions and changes that I was. It was also comforting to know that if I needed financial assistance there were fertility grant programs that could remove the financial pressure from me.

When looking for infertility assistance it is important to pay attention to all your needs. You will want to find a reputable doctor, one that you feel comfortable with. Another large part of infertility is your diet and vitamins, so finding a place where you can receive support in that area is also very useful. Lastly, you are going to want to find the emotional and financial support that you need to successfully navigate the long process of infertility.

If you are just starting down the road of infertility remember to stay strong. The process may seem like it is taking too long and you will probably get fed up at some point. But you can combat the emotions of infertility by joining an infertility group. An infertility group will help you and your partner work through all the ups and downs of the fertility process.

Becoming pregnant is not always easy and it can take many years of fertility treatments, but it can work! I spent two years in fertility programs before I was finally able to become a parent and I would do it all again in an instant.

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