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Indulgent Chocolate and Cherry Brownies

By Noblenourishment @NobleNourish

I know I hardly ever make sweet things for the blog, but when I was asked to take part in the ‘Make Your Own baking’ campaign, I spotted this little treasure amongst the Xmas Recipes, and couldn’t resist!

I’ve mentioned before about my disastarous attempt at making brownies. Needless to say, I was apprehensive about trying them again. I’m not one to cope with failure very well, however, so was determined to give it another go.

The addition of glace cherries gives it a lovely, festive feel too! I’m sure these would be perfect to give to your family and friends over the holidays. I’d choose these beauties over a Christmas pudding any day!

The original recipe states that it makes 36 small brownies, but I split mines into 15 chunky squares!

Here’s what I did:

Indulgent Chocolate and Cherry Brownies


300g dark chocolate

250g butter (I used unsalted)

4 large eggs

200g light muscovado sugar

40g cocoa powder (that’s right – I didn’t just use hot chocolate this time!)

1.5tsp mixed spice

70g plain flour (the recipe asks for wholemeal, but I couldn’t find any)

200g glace cherries

I preheated my oven to 180 degrees, then greased and lined my tin with baking parchment.

Indulgent Chocolate and Cherry Brownies

Next, I melted the chocolate and butter in a bowl over a pot of boiling water.  I don’t melt chocolate in the microwave; it burnt to a crisp last time!

Indulgent Chocolate and Cherry Brownies

Next, I whisked the eggs and sugar for five minutes by hand, till the mixture was slightly thickened. Use a hand mixer if you’ve got one, lest your arm falls off!

Indulgent Chocolate and Cherry Brownies

I folded the melted chocolate into the egg mixture, gently, trying not to eat all the chocolate (and failing).

Indulgent Chocolate and Cherry Brownies

I mixed the cocoa powder, flour and mixed spice together, and stirred the cherries in, coating them nicely.

Indulgent Chocolate and Cherry Brownies

I folded them into the chocolate mixture, then poured everything into my tin, and it looked like this:

Indulgent Chocolate and Cherry Brownies

I baked for 30 mins, then checked to see if it was ready by piercing with a knife. You’ll know it’s ready if there are a few moist crumbs clinging to it.

Indulgent Chocolate and Cherry Brownies

Once cooled, I cut into squares and tried desperately not to eat them all before giving them (rather selflessly) to my workmates for something to remember me by, over the festive season.  I even left the arsenic out; how good am I?


I baked these in my mum’s house last night and drove home with it in the passenger seat… the smell was driving me mad! Heavenly…

I’m happy to report, they went down a treat!

I got some good feedback from my work mates. They’re very chocolatey and dense, but in a nice, moist kind of way. I like the addition of mixed spice to it, and the cherries break through the richness nicely!

Indulgent Chocolate and Cherry Brownies

Perfect with some ice cream!

Indulgent Chocolate and Cherry Brownies

Boldened by my brownie success, I’m confident I’ll make them again, and maybe even get into this whole baking malarky!

I’ve got my eye on a few other recipes on the Baking Mad website:  I like the look of the Christmas Cupcakes and the Cranberry Vodka… mmm yes please! I do like the look of some of their savoury dishes too, though, especially the gammon and leek pie!

Happy holidays everyone! x

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