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Indie Writer's Showcase: My Very First Entry! Jessica Samuels: A Vampire Bar.

By Lizmckeown1955 @WritersBoost
A Vampire BarCrystal Crest RealmBy:Jessica Samuels  It was a long day at work, and I needed to drown out the pain of dealing with people. I hated today since they were making me crazy with  running freight, and I wanted to sit and relax at a bar. Where do I go? Wing Command since I love their food, and a shot of Goldschlager and a Red Bull and vodka is just what I need. It was one of those days, and I got off at 5 while boyfriend got off at the same time. I thought about it the whole time at work, and I really wanted this night at the bar. I got out of my work clothes since I just got off.  I relaxed a little bit just to wind down while I wait for my boyfriend Derek to get home. I wrote some because I’m a writer and I was so pissed at this day I just had to get it off my chest. The day had been long with me working non-stop doing different things at once. Zoning, phone watching, repeat over and over again. That’s it and the time ticked by so slow I thought I would go bonkers with it. I hated it. Picking up shoe after shoe when customers toss out a shoe they don’t want to buy. They stuff it under the shelves or leave it where it is.    I let it all go since I’m off from that hell for two days which means I can go to my hangout. I’ll have a few drinks and it will make the night off better. I worked on my retail story AngelWitch to get over the stupidity of today, and that’s what they say write what you know. My name is Dannika, and this night at Wing Command will change my life forever. My boyfriend comes home from work, and I’m happy because he is my rock to this crazy life. I get my things ready and we go out. We take my car, and the drive is short too. It’s less than ten minutes away, and close by which is good after drinking some. Derek parks the car, and I get out. The front is a big place, and on the outside Wing Command is there with a little plane at the end of the blue words. I love it, and I don’t need to be ID’d since it’s still early right now. We go inside and it’s all red walls with flat screens placed throughout the store. There is a bar area, pool area, and the main area with a place where bands can perform on Thursday. I know the owner, and he is a very friendly Filipino guy. Always gives me a hug, and his wife is nice too. I’ve been going there for a few years. I love it there, and I get my usual place with my waitress. Her name is Monica, and she always gets my drink order. I get the usual drink and so does Derek. I love his blue eyes and short hair too cut like military style since the Army has it like that. He is 5’5 and I’m 4’8 we make it work since we have been dating for 8 months. We talk about everything his day and my dreaded morning shift. I can talk to him for hours at this point. The drinks are here, and I take a shot down of the drink and sip on my Red Bull and Vodka. It makes all my troubles go away, and I’m happy now. I’m no longer worried over work bull shit, and the boss threatening to get me in trouble if I don’t work faster thanks to the person in charge of my area. I don’t worry about much, but I notice it doesn’t taste like it usually does. It has a metallic taste to it. Like blood. I look at my drink and it is blood….
….I pass out and wake up in a room with a bed and I’m tied to it. Great…I wonder how much time is passed since I took a drink. Derek is nowhere to be found. But some time passes, and he comes through the door. “Are you okay?” He asked me.“What happened?” I asked him wondering how I got here.“I turned you into a vampire so you can get revenge on your evil boss, and coworker.” He told me with a wicked glint in his eyes. He knew exactly what I needed.    Things are getting worse at SaveMart, and it was time to clean house. I’m thirsty and I look to my left there is a glass of blood on a nightstand, and I drink the whole thing. It actually has a taste to it, and it tasted really good. The best drink of water when I’m in the desert. Why don’t I freak out? Why don’t I call him a monster and break up with him? Because I’ve had an obsession with vampires for a while, and I have always wanted to be one. The owners of my favorite haunt are vampires, and they even turned their waitresses into them. They need me to be on their team to go after the mean customers.  I look at him, “Thanks, and I love you.”“I love you too, and I don’t want to go on living without you. Now go after the bitches. They deserve to die especially the snitch.” “Will do, and I don’t want to be without you either.” I tell him. I get up and notice that my reflexes are better, my strength stronger, and I’m fierce too. My humanity is gone, and I will not feel guilty about killing that lazy bitch either. She does not do anything. Then afterward I can go to Luxor, and live there with Derek. I wanted to get out of Crystal Crest so here is my chance.    A few days later I clock in for my last shift ever because I’m not going to go into work anymore for this hell hole. They ride me too much, and I can’t take it anymore. I plan on getting in trouble and then when they both pull me in I will take them out with my silencer on my revolver. My silenced .38. I drive and the sun does not bother me at all. I love it. I was afraid I would have to give up the sun I don’t have to. I get dressed in my tacky uniform and head out. Once I get there I start zoning like usual. I notice a cart of shoes, but I ignore it today. I’m giving her a taste of her own medicine first. I’ll make her do her job for once. Supervisor comes up to me, “You know you have a cart to do, and it’s right there. Then we have five more to go.” Screw it…“Well, if that’s the case you had better start now so you can finish it by the time you leave.”She scoffs, “It’s your job actually do as I say.”“No, I won’t do work for you since your a lazy bitch. You have me and others do the work while you do practically nothing. You call me slow and say I need to speed it up while you leave shit behind the counter. You’re a lazy piece of shit, and I hope you choke and die.” She glares, “I’ll get the manager and we will coach you for being a smart ass.”“Then go get her because I want to talk to her about how much of a lazy bitch you are…” She leaves, and I’m happy since I did see the manager. Once they pull me into the office I’ll take them out to finish the job….An hour after finishing the area she called me slow in I get a call. “They need to see you in the office.” A coworker tells me. “Gladly…” I walk to the front, and the bitch is there with the boss. Boss looked at me, “Now tell me why you were rude to supervisor.”“She is a lazy bitch, and I’m not doing shit till you fire her.”“How about I fire you?” She told me. My reply, “You can’t since I already quit…” I take my .38 and aim it at the bosses head. I pull the trigger, and the bullet goes right through her and blood splatters into the wall.“You were useless anyway…” I tell her unmoving body. I turn my attention to bitch supervisor, and then give her a mean glare.“Consider this death sentence for being a lazy bitch, and not doing your job.” I do the same to her, and then I leave. I fill the office with kerosene and strike a match. “I’ve always hated this job anyway.” I throw the match, and it lights up like a Christmas tree…I get home in record time, and tell Derek about everything…“Good they deserved it.”Then we leave the Crystal Crest, and go to Luxor where I get a better job and better treatment. I become a famous author there, and live out eternity as a vampire loving it every single day…..
The End…. *********************Jessica's book The Killer Contract Agency is coming soon from Write More Publications!Indie Writer's Showcase: My very first entry! Jessica Samuels: A Vampire Bar.

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