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Independence Day??!!

By Pooja_g
I am posting it! I am not!...I am posting it! I am not!...posting it! not!
See what a hard time I am having, to decide whether to speak my mind?  Coz a few days back a farmer was labelled a ' Maoist' and has been put into jail, since he asked our CM of the state, what did she do for the rural people esp. farmers (her major vote bank) in the 1 year of her reign?! Democratic, aren't we?  Rewind a bit more, another such incident happened with a 'college going girl' from Presidency College (one of the reputed colleges in the world) and was labelled ' Maoist' for asking 'uncomfortable' questions on a live TV show! 

The recently ended TV show, Satyamev Jayate, showed us the sorry true state of our beloved country. We cried, we discussed/debated, we empathise with the victims. And pledged to be better. And then the Guwahati incident happened to show nothing is going to change (?).

And the lists goes on and on. I have stopped leafing through the newspapers, to try and ignore everything that's happening around me. But addiction to social networking doesn't leave a choice.

I am not celebrating this 66th 'Independence Day' and neither going to wish you ' Happy Independence Day'.
I am not feeling happy about my country or the day. Sure, its a day to salute the freedom fighters, the patriots who gave us freedom from the 'British rule'. They did what they thought they should do at that time.
But we are still shackled by Corruption, Terrorism, Illiteracy, Religious/Ethnic/Society biases. We are still fighting!
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