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In This Humorous Post, PopSugar Reveals the Myriad of Emo...

By Jen Campbell @TennisLife_Mag
In this humorous post, PopSugar reveals the myriad of emo...


In this humorous post, PopSugar reveals the myriad of emotions Whole Foods addicts experience as they shop for their nutritious grindage.

Image Source: Lifetime

Every Whole Foods addict knows that their weekly shopping trip is not just a time to stock up on healthy foods — it’s a spiritual experience. There’s not many places where health nuts can gather together to obsess over colorful produce and gluten-free desserts without feeling super judged. If you’re one of these organic-loving shoppers, you consider the popular chain The Holy Grail of food stores. And even though your first trip may have been a little intimidating (who knew that there were so many types of quinoa?), now you’re practically the store’s biggest advocate. Sure, you may get a little too excited over perfectly ripened avocado, but hey, Whole Foods is just that good.

Pulling into the parking lot brings the same joy as Christmas morning.

Image Source: NBC

That big, beautiful green sign never gets old.

Deciding between a basket or cart is a true test of commitment.

Image Source: PopSugar

Who are you kidding? You’re in this for the long haul!

Bringing someone to Whole Foods, aka The Happiest Place on Earth for the first time.

Image Source: Giffy

Surely they’ll love it just as much as you do and thank you for years to come, right?!

Spotting free samples in the produce section.

Image Source: NBC

Maybe I should have five or six peach slices, you know, just to make sure that I actually like it…

Having to choose between snacks for your wallet’s sake.

Image Source: Universal Pictures

Locally grown strawberries or non-GMO apples? Why do hard decisions happen to good people?!

Waiting for someone who is taking too long at the scale in the bulk section.

Image Source: CBS

It does not take this long to weigh granola. It just doesn’t.

Picking the perfect drink at the juice bar.

Image Source: New Line Cinema

Smoothie or juice? SMOOTHIE OR JUICE?

Using every ounce of will power to make it to the register without grabbing a sweet treat.
Image Source: Giffy

The bakery section is trying to ruin that spinach coconut water smoothie you just drank and you are NOT having it.

Forgetting how long the checkout line always is.

Image Source: Giffy

How are you supposed to wait another minute to dive into those three different flavors of kale chips?!

Making the mistake of looking at your receipt.

Image Source: E! Entertainment Television

Well, it looks like you’ll have to give up going out with your friends for a month to compensate for that freshly ground almond butter. #worthit

Walking out of the store ready to cook your healthy little heart out.

Image Source: PopSugar

Until next week, Whole Foods.

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