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In Memory of The RMS Titanic

By Advsinwtloss @advsinwtloss
In Memory of The RMS Titanic
I am blacking out this blog as my tribute to all of the 1,517 who lost their lives 100 years ago on April 14th-15th 1912 because of the sinking of the Titanic.
I've been a Titanic enthusiast for many years. The height of my Titanic fascination peaked in my early twenties when I took a college public speaking course in the late 90's. That was when I did all of my speeches on the ship. I even did one comparing the actual event as compared to the James Cameron (i.e. Jack and Rose did not exist and neither did four other characters, etc.).
In Memory of The RMS TitanicMy fascination has died down over the years but I still do love the ship and the passengers. I can't rattle off stats and facts about the ship as well as I used to. However, every April 15th I always think about the people who were lost in the disaster. I particularly think about the third class because they died in the biggest numbers and had the biggest odd against them.
So. please, take a moment to remember those lost "on that fateful night".
My blog will return to normal Monday April 16th.

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