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In-built Hot Dogs

By Crustabakes

So while the most common way of eating a hot dog is to take a hot dog bun, slice it in the middle, stuff it with the hot dog and pile and/or squirt your favourite sauces and relishes, i decided to plant the sausages in the dough.

In-built Hot Dogs

That makes convenient eating doesn’t it?

You can just pick one up as you walk out the door.

But of course having said that, there is also the drawback of not having the full fledged hotdog, and the obligated fresh tomatoes and lettuce. Because while i managed to incorporate the sausages into the dough and sent it to bake, i dont think i can do like wise with the fresh vegetables. Not unless i want a vegetable slushie in my hot dog anyways.

So, while it is tempting to just forget the greens (or red) altogether, i decided to serve in on the side instead.

In-built Hot Dogs

With the hope of whoever is getting a plate of this would not just pick up the hot dog and leave the rest uneaten.

This is the third yeasted bread i made with the help of the bread softeners, and like the previous two, these buns were also cotton soft. However, there is a slight deviation from the first recipe with this. This recipe had more water, and lesser fat content, and instead of using a combination of AP and bread flour, this recipe called for 100 percent bread flour.

Due to the high water content, this was a wet wet dough, and it sticks to any and every surfaces. And like a cane to every naughty child, it’s good to come armed with a scrapper to handle this bugger.

In-built Hot Dogs

The resultant buns from this recipe was also rather different. Although they both share the same level of softness, the pores on this buns are more structured and less fine. As such, each pore pocket is able to house more air, creating a bun that was more aerated, and thus fluffier.

In-built Hot Dogs

Okays, sorry to bore with all the boring scientific details, let’s go back to hot dogs.

I drew a circle of tomato sauce and a sprinkle of dried mixed herbs to garnish these hot dogs, and was really surprised by how those few specks of herbs was able to knock me giddy with the most aromatic scents as i first opened the oven door to retrieve the dogs.

And of course, a dip of the mandatory tomato sauce (i ran out of mustard) doesnt hurt either!

In-built Hot Dogs


Soft Bread Dough

(Adapted From Roti Modern)

Ingredients A

1 kg Bread Flour

15 gr Instant Yeast


Ingredients B

30 gr Milk Powder

200 gr Sugar

12 gr Salt

10 gr Bread Softener


Ingredients C

125 gr Egg

80 ml Evaporated Milk

460 ml Iced Water


Ingredients D

50 gr Butter

50 gr Margarine

50 gr ButterSub (A butter subtitue)


1. With the mixer on low speed, mix ingredients A together, add ingredients B and C, continue beating till they are well combined

2. Add ingredients D gradually, and beat till it gets tacky and elastic

*note I hand kneaded this

3. Leave the dough to proof till it doubles in size (+- 40 mins)

4. Punch the dough down, and scale them to 50 grams each. Let the scaled buns rest for 5 mins

5. Roll the scaled dough like a rope, and twirl it around each sausage and let rest for a second proof till they double in size (+- 60 mins)

6. Brush the surfaces with evaporated milk and sent it to bake at 180 degree Celcius or till they get a nice golden tan


In-built Hot Dogs

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