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Posted on the 19 September 2013 by Naveedkhan

husband wife shouting  It is very very very important for people to realize that every couple fights.. Its just how they do, it  is what matters.

Every couple argues with each other. Because two different people are living together. choices are different, way of thinking is different, sex is different, basically personalities are different.

The way how you handle an argument and the situation can make or break a relationship.

During arguements and fights between a  couple, it often happens that both express their views in such ways that other gets hurt. This often leads to people saying such things :- “I can’t take it anymore,”, “This relation has to end here. I can’t stand you more” bla bla.

  •  The first rule to successful marriage is to avoid arguements and conflicts. 
  • The main rule is to “COMPROMISE”, remembering no one is perfect in this world. And remembering the positive things about one another rather focusing on negative issues and negative points.
  • Remain positive whatever happens.
  • Try sorting out things sitting together peacefully.
  • Sit with your partner and ask what they think YOU DO WRONG!! Without arguing or clarifying. Just listen with patience where they think  you were wrong.
  • Avoid using loud tone of voice which often aggravates the situation.
  • Don’t interrupt each other when listening to each others point of view or when he/she tries to say something or explain himself/ herself.
  • Do not call or put labels on each other during a fight.
  • Do not murmur or curse your partner under your breath. It often triggers the conflicts.
  • Never say negative things like ” you’ll never change.”, ” this is never going to get better”, “it will end”.
  • Try to understand each other  and each other moods and situations they are going through. One has to be cool and compromising while other is boiling hot.
  • Remember not to fight infront of the kids as kids get a bad influence on their developing personalities and Never complain about your spouse infront of your kids.


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