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Impromptu Dance Parties

By Momishblog @momishblog
I like to think we're a fun household.  We laugh a lot and like to break into song from time to time.  The Hubs is much better at that than I am with his background in theater.  However, I can bust an old school dance team move from time to time myself.  The Sonish is mortified, of course, but that's our job.  We live to embarrass him.  He's just lucky we haven't started a flashmob on Michigan Ave. in Chicago.
We joke a lot about embarrassing him and ourselves but improptu dance parties are serious business.  Everyone should learn to cut loose from time to time.  As Momishes we're so busy trying to make everyone happy and play by all of the rules.  We don't want to offend bio-mom or look irresponsible.  I get it, trust me.  We're all under a microscope of parenting pressure but sometimes you just have to break free and dance a little.  Not because you're good at it but because it will make you laugh and your kids will see what its like to let go, just a little bit.  By being so serious all the time, we convey the message that family is always serious and boring and tired and no fun to be around.  Give yourself and your family a break by letting go.  Laugh at each other's dance move, sing into a hairbrush, and giggle till you can't stand it.  It will be so worth the embarrassement.  And if your teen tries to ignore you or starts screaming about how embarrased he is by your behavior, even better.  Don't let them kill your buzz!  This is your chance to set the example on how to lighten up.  You wont be sorry you did.  
Here are a few songs that always bring on Impromptu Dance Parties at our house: 

How can you not love Wham's Wake me Before You Go???

Or Michael Jackson's Ease on Down the Road??

Or It's Rainin' Men (probably better with mostly girls in the house)??

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