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Impact of Food Market on Our Health

By Sandikar

Food MarketIn recent years different types of holistic approach has been developed to make the environment supportive for our health. To successfully carry that out it is important to first identify the hazards in the market place then draw up a proper plan to maintain and improve such conditions. Apart from maintaining the hygiene level of the food during production and preservation it is also important to maintain a healthy environment where the food is sold.

The common feature of most food market is the availability of wide array of foodstuffs from fruits and vegetables to grains and from meats, fish to eggs and diary products along with proceeded and semi-proceeded food items. Sometimes these foods are sold fresh by local vendors at a reasonable price. In additions in some markets sells live animals such as chicken and ducks. Often the street side markets are quite dirt due to lack of proper initiative.

Sometimes the government support in developing the infrastructure of that region. For instance when bird flue affected certain parts of the country, the government took the initiative to stop selling such food items to the consumers. From economic prospective the food market offers a number of possibilities. It can be done by making people aware of the importance of eating healthy. As a result of this the demand for safe products will increase in the market which will eventually increase business in the market. This will help in creating sustainable long –term improvement in the health status of that region.

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