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Immigration Demographics

Posted on the 15 January 2014 by Adask

Too Many Gumballs? [courtesy Google Images]

Too Many Gumballs?
[courtesy Google Images]

7 billion3 billionover 40%

Another 2.6 billion live in countries whose average annual income is less than Mexico’s.  These nation’s earn, on average more than $2 per day, but they still earn less than the average Mexican.

Thus, 5 billion (over 70%) of the earth’s 7 billion people are so desperate to escape their poverty that emmigrating into the US or Europe has to be a great and powerful dream.  These people are too desperate to give a damn about political ideology, religion or values. They live at the edge of starvation and will immigrate, if they can, simply to survive.

The video explain that the US allows 1 million legal immigrants to enter the US each year.  In addition to the 5 billion who are already on this planet and impoverished, 80 million more are being born into poverty each year.  Thus, the idea that taking 1 million legal immigrants into the US will make a meaningful contribution to eliminating world poverty is mathematically absurd.

The speaker concludes that we should find ways to eliminate poverty in people’s countries of origine rather than allow them to immigrate into the US.   His conclusion is rational, reasonable and compassionate–but probably too idealistic to work.  There’s no way to make a meaningful increase in the the standard of living of over 5 billion people who are living in poverty and breeding like rabbits.  They can be exploited, but they can’t be helped to a significant degree.

The speaker does not address the problem of illegal immigration–and, for me, that’s the real problem. I guarantee that if I were one of the world’s impoverished, I’d use every means at my disposal (legal or illegal) to escape that poverty and break into the US or Europe.  If I could escape a world where I made only $2 a day to come to the US and earn $10 a day, I’d consider myself blessed–at least for a while.

I assume that most of the world’s 5 billion impoverished think like me and would therefore do anything to get into the US or Europe.  I don’t blame them.  They are trying to emmigrate for their lives.

But I also recognize that if something isn’t done to control our borders, the US will be swamped, submerged and destroyed by the influx of illegal aliens.  Not just from Mexico, but from around the world.   As these illegals flood into this country, desperate to make just $10 a day, they will collapse the wage structure currently enjoyed by people born here in the US.  As bad as our economy is, it’s like paradise to 70% or more of the world.

If we’re going to allow the poor from third world countries to immigrate illegally, we will cease to exist as a nation.  The people who were born here will become a minority in their own country.  The forces, resources and values that made America great will be overwhelmed, and we will also become a third world nation.

I’m not predicting this sort of tribulation will strike in 100 years or 50 years. I’m suggesting that, without adequate immigration control, even the illusion of America could be lost in 20 years.

I watch to the following video and I see incredible demographic dangers.  Poverty is not a “problem” in this world.  Poverty is the rule for at least 70% of the world’s population. I’m sympathetic to their plight, but I also recognize that letting them to immigrate into the US is like allowing a swarm of locusts to feed on your wheat field.  In the end, the locusts will eat all of your wheat, leave your field and nation barren, and drive you, too, into poverty and starvation.

The over-population problem is too big to be resolved by means of technology or charity.  I doubt that there are enough natural resources in the world to feed and provide a decent standard of living for the 5 billion impoverished.   If there’s going to be a solution, it will be based on a massive death toll due to war, disease or famine.

Christian charity and human compassion may cause us to try to save the poor.  But reason tells us that our efforts will be both futile and suicidal.  What’s the sense in trying to save the world’s poor, if that effort will not only fail but will cause the poverty and early deaths of ourselves and our children?

We are coming to a moment (another one) when we must face some hard choices. We’re like people sitting in a lifeboat (America) that will hold 20 people while there are 200 more in the ocean screaming to climb into our life boat. If we allow even a significant part of those in the water to just hang on to our lifeboat, all 220 of us will drown.  If we prevent the 200 in the water from boarding our lifeboat, the 200 will die–but we 20 will survive.  If we choose one way, we die.  If we choose another way, we cause or at least allow 200 others to die. These aren’t easy choices.

And yet, I’m not sure we even have a choice in this matter.  Given the ease of global transportation, is it even possible to prevent illegal aliens from entering this country en masse?  We’ll never be able to prevent all illegal immigrants from entering this country–but we could prevent most of them from coming if we beefed up our illegal immigration defenses.

However, while our government has had plenty of money to invade Afghanistan and Iraq, assault Libya, and perhaps attack Iran or Syria, it claims that it’s helpless to adequately protect our own borders.  Worse, treasonous whores like G.W. Bush and B.H. Obama have openly encouraged illegals to enter this country and Congress is about to grant another “amnesty” to illegal aliens rather than throw them out.  And what will that “amnesty” do?  Stop further illegal immigration–or encourage even more aggressive illegal immigration?

I understand that there’s a requirement for Christian charity.  I understand that there’s a need for human compassion.  But I doubt that we can be expected to engage in Christian charity if that charity will: 1) destroy our nation; 2) shorten our own lives; 3) drive us into poverty; and 4) give the world’s poor nothing more than a brief respite before they are (and we) are wiped out by some sort of pandemic.

I find this video to be frightening.  It tells me that if we would survive, we’d better learn to value whatever land and resources we have and do all we can to prevent immigration by illegal aliens and treason by our elected officials.

Lastly, my fundamental complaint is not with the illegal aliens.  If I were in their shoes, I’d also try to break into this country.  My fundamental complaint is with the treasonous whores in the cathouse on the Potomac who, rather than defend the American people and our nation, seek to betray us by encouraging an invasion by illegal aliens and the destruction of The United States of America.

Immigration is a life and death issue for both the would-be immigrants and also for the people of The United States of America.

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