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Immigrants Need To Be Kicked Out

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

ID 10078724 Immigrants Need To Be Kicked Out

There is a joke doing the rounds on Facebook at the moment. “Snow- the only thing that settles in this country and doesnt steal our jobs or money.” 

I sent this to my friend as I actually find it funny. Her reply back to me saying I couldn’t put it on Facebook as it was racist.  I just thought well if they dont like it they can fuck off out the country. It made me laugh.

Its not like I am anti- Islamic  Romanian  Polish, Balsamic ( yes I know its a vinegar) or anything, I just hate the way they are allowed leeway to Britain to take our jobs, use our women as sex slaves, trade up our bloody farm animals for meat and profit off our shaky economy.

Come into Britain and get a free house, free money, free medical care.

Why wouldn’t they come and set up a shop on every third corner? Selling goats nipples and polish cabbage things.

Everywhere I look there’s shops specifically for them and them only. Asda has aisles just for Polish and Afro-Caribbean . If you wander down it you practically get chased out by some foreigner who demands to see your passport and nationality to prove you can be on that aisle .

Its ridiculous when you consider that being British in other countries you get the death penalty for drugs. There is a woman facing death by firing squad for smuggling. If she had done it here she would have got ten minuets community service.

Travel to Indonesia and you get gang raped on the beach, India they stone you to death for showing any flesh practically.  Here if your on the beach the worst you get is standing on a crab or a cold as its like ice fishing at the minuet.

These foreigners come here because Britain is run by fools who have no respect for their own country. Here British people are expected to be taxed beyond living means and forced to struggle. In a system that gives foreigners a new life the people that live here have to fight for it.

We cant even have our own religion. Now we have the Islamic thing encroaching. That nutter with the hooked hand giving it large about whatever it is he bangs on about and we are expected to listen and abandon our beliefs why because he said so. Er no. David Cameron has got boots he needs to sodding well use them to kick his arse back to wherever he came from. So what if he gets hanged there, he shouldn’t be such a tit then.

We are expected to help these foreigners to settle,  we kill all known germs with Domestos so shouldn’t we be doing the same here?

The majority of these leeches are coming here for the freebies. I say kick them all out. Give us back our homes, our jobs, our respect and desire to be honest hardworking individuals in a stable economised country that doesn’t consider horses or badger balls as a staple part of our diet.

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 Immigrants Need To Be Kicked Out

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