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Imagine a City! A Smart City!

By Maliasa
Imagine a city! A Smart City!

People flying with their umbrellas as the wind blows.

Paintings that escape from their frames. Buses are fish and fish fly in the sky!

Imagine a City

Imagine City! Smart
by Elise Hurst is an invitation to imagine all sort of fantastic things. She encourages us to not only imainge fantastical cities but also takes the game a bit further to a world where buses are flying fish and the lines between past and present, reality and fantasy are blurred.

Imagine a city! A Smart City!

The illustrations are black and white and this gives the wild ideas a more sensible skimmer. This is a book filled with detials and you can spent hours looking and admiring each pages. So many things to discover.

The book is also a poem. A poem that invites us to ponder, to dream and to think dive on interesting ideas.

Great Teacher Notes can be found at the Scholastic website.

Book trailer!

is the perfect introduction to discussions and think diving about imgination. What is imagination? How can you use your imagination? Why it is important?

The book is also perfect for discussions about what kind of cities we should build.

  • What is a smart city?
  • How can we build smart cities?
  • Do we need to build floating cities? Why or why not?
  • How can we build a floating city? Where can we find inspiration?

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