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Im Still In Love With My Ex But I Think Its Over For Good

By Amperkins @How2getmyexbac1

Im Still In Love With My Ex But I Think Its Over For Good

Are You Still In Love With Your EX?

If you're saying “I'm still in love with my ex,” but you feel like it's finally over for good, then you need to stop looking on dark side and think positively.  There are plenty of relationships that look as if they're over, but the reality is that people find a way back together. 
Before you launch into a full on attempt to win back your love, make sure your relationship is a relationship that should be saved!  Too often relationships that should remain dead are revived with dire consequences.  So ask yourself this: “did your relationship involve physical and or emotional abuse?”  If the answer is yes you need to accept that this kind of relationship is best left over with.  Instead work at restoring any eroded self-esteem and move on.
However, if your relationship was simply a falling out, misunderstanding or maybe a loss of trust then that is completely recoverable even if only one of you wants it, you just have to find the right course.
What's good about declaring “I'm still in love with my ex!” is you no doubt had a really strong relationship with your ex and if you feel that you're still in love with them, then chances are they feel the same about you.
Provided some weeks have past, you should take a moment to call your ex and ask if you can have a talk with them.  Don't make it sound as though you are begging and pleading for the meeting, just make it sound as casual as you can. 
Arrange for the meeting to take place somewhere neutral where neither of you will be tempted to cause a scene or let your emotions take over.  If you are really seriously stating that “I'm still in love with my ex” then you will need to take some time to figure out what you are going to say to get them back.
You don't need to take notes, but you need to have it clear in your mind.  So be sure to take some time to figure out why you want your ex back.  Yes you're still in love with them and that in itself is a good reason, but try and give your ex tangible reasons why they should take you back.
Talk about your dreams and aspirations and explain to them where you see them fitting into those dreams and aspirations, however don't make the mistake of making your ex the be all and end all of your dreams.  Don't put yourself in a position where if they don't agree to the reconciliation that your dreams are ruined.  You don't want to come across as needy and fixated, you just want your ex to know that there is a real place for them in your life.
You then need to give your ex the space to express themselves and you need to listen to what they say.  Do all of that and your declaration that “I'm still in love with my ex” should give you a reciprocal answer from your ex.

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