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Im on Strike Today Plus Good News

By Kvlog101 @KVlog101

i am a student and part of the ucu union that represnts teachers and people around the uk that want a better future,
now im not normally in uni today but if i was i still would not be there because the staff are on strike and the uni is shut on health and safety grounds due tolack of staff and emergency services, so i have a full day to blog and plsay games and get stuff sorted out for the stuff that is going to happen over the next few weeks i thought i would share with you a part of a projectr i am working on and see what people think...
im on strike today plus good news
im on strike today plus good news
we have to create some underwater deep show, in a theater at uni so i have wrota a narative and built some model fish but the biggest thing for the director presentation in a few weeks time is going to be a giant angler fish that comes out of a cave, i hasve built this model that has working action and a working mouth so its like a puppet if we win this pitch to the director this thing is going to be 7ft long and 4ft wide so its going to be fun making the bigger model...
thank you to simon for operating the fish while i held the camera
thanks for reading...

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