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By Ashleylister @ashleylister
Before I get on with it, it's the first Friday of February which can only mean (imaginary drum roll and Geordie accent kick in here)....... The Dead Good Poets' Open Mic Night.  

In the words of Ash Lister "This time we're looking at a theme of LOVE. However, as always, the theme is only there as a guideline and poets and writers can feel free to explore and produce work on any appropriate subject.

As always the evening will be divided into a family-friendly first half and an uncensored second half. "

So it's Cafe no.5 at 6pm, Cedar Square, Blackpool.  Be there or be a square shaped poem....

So back to business.  Shape poetry.I used to love shape poetry as a kid.  I have anthologies of poems written in funny ways - one of my favourites was Frogspawn by Judith Nicholls.  I tried to find a link to it online but unfortunately all I could find was the book it was in.
iLuv uThis is a great little anthology from Oxford - in fact the whole series is something special - but try and take a peek if just for the Frogspawn poem.  I seem to think it was my drama teacher, Mr Ganley, who got my mom to buy this for me.  For that (and my other half a dozen poetry books amongst other things) I really owe him one!

Oh and another great visual poem in this book is Telephone Wires by Jacqueline Brown.  That one is Patrick's favorite and he is sat next to me as I type telling me you have to read it, so do me a favour and keep a 6 year old happy!I had fun digging around for an inspiration this afternoon.  I've ended up spending a couple of hours reading silly poetry to Patrick who isn't sure what it is all about except that the poem about a giant gorilla coming to tea is the best way to get Mummy to act like an idiot.  (You must forgive him, he hasn't seen me after a few drinks...)I thought I would take a little go, keeping on theme for the Open Mic Night tonight.  I'm not very artistic and I'm relatively timid in the use of my new computer, but we got there in the end.iLuv u

iLuv u

See you tonight!L x

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