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Iligan City|Pampam Falls

By Singcolinquisitor @lexuzinquisitor

Iligan City|Pampam Falls

"Pampam Falls at Kalubihon, Iligan City"

ILIGAN CITY. The City of Majestic Waterfalls! From the glorious display of beauties of Maria and Cristina to the hidden alluring gracefulness of Tinago Falls, here is the "sexy" Pampam Falls, situated in Kalubihon, Barangay Dalipuga, still in this City. What is unique in this waterfalls is that, its shape somewhat is like of a lady flopping her see - through white gown. Now, there you are with your playful imagination ^_^. Well, after all, I guess that's how the falls got the name - "Pampam."
Going There
Kalubihon is 13 kilometers away from the City proper. From the city proper to the dropped-off crossing at Brgy. Dalipuga you can take a jeep ride for P13.00 as of this writing.  From the dropped-off crossing going to Kalubihon is another ride of which either you can take "habal-habal" or if you are patient enough, you can wait for the few jeep going that route.

When you have chosen what to take in going to Kalubihon, just tell the driver that you are going to the waterfalls. He will gladly dropped you off to the crossing fronting Kalubihon Elementary School. From the crossing, going to Pampam waterfalls involves a 15-30 minutes walk depending on speed. There were no signs pointing to the exact location of the falls and along the way there are a lot of crossing ways of which if its your first time, you will definitely get lost. It would be better if you will ask a local resident to guide you to the falls. By the way, if you intend to go and you care for you skin so much please don't wear shorts. Its better if you have a long pants on when going there to preserve your porcelain skin---its a long way of weeds with itchy sharp edges.
Iligan City|Pampam Falls

So, if you happen to visit Iligan City, aside from Maria Cristina Falls and Tinago Falls, make sure to visit and have a plunge at Pampam Falls. Even though diving is not possible for its shallow waters, yet its a way of enjoying nature and being one with nature is an effective way of clearing and relaxing your thoughts from stressful works at the office.

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