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IKEA Not Recalling Horse Meat This Time!

By Nottheworstnews @NotTheWorstNews

As we recently wrote, horse DNA was found in “beef” in the Czech Republic intended for IKEA meatballs.

The good news is no horse DNA was involved in the-latest-furniture-store-recall-of-food!

The less-good news is QMI News Agency reports that IKEA has stopped selling almond cakes in its restaurants in 23 countries over “concerns they may contain fecal matter.”

The better news is IKEA says these cakes never reached their stores.

The less-good news is the problem was discovered when Chinese customs officials reportedly intercepted the batch of cakes. That’s right, when China, the land of lead toys, says your food products may not be fit for consumption, you may want to re-evaluate your choice of food suppliers.

3 Other Things We Would Not Like To See Inadvertently In Almond Cakes

1. Peanuts. Every kid is allergic to those! And even for the kids who are not allergic, almond is not exactly going to be a fan favorite for cake flavor at a birthday party over “ice cream” cakes, especially when half the kids at the party are playing “Pin-the-EpiPen-on-the-donkey.”

2. Newspaper clippings of the comic strip, Peanuts! “Good grief,” we imagine Charlie Brown would be saying in the comic strip, and about being mistakenly included in almond cakes.

3. IKEA instructions of how to assemble almond cakes. We’re sure this has a diagram of a happy stick man washing his hands, and also sure that the instructions would indicate not to leave the instructions in the almond cakes when complete.

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