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IKEA Madness

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

For the last two days, I’ve had the exact same thing for breakfast.



Oats with milk, brown sugar, vanilla, flax seeds, salt and chocolate chunks with a mug of tea with milk. Voila, breakfast.


These oats are so good and the chocolate chunks are the best part.

So, for the new…

Jaemen and I went to IKEA on Tuesday!

Since I’m not moving out now that I graduated and I’m not starting a brand new job (just yet) I wanted to make some kind of change so that I’d feel like school was really over.

I decided to get the desk out of my room and put a chair and coffee table in it’s place. That way I can have a little reading spot instead of that massive desk that I don’t need any more.


I made some mulah from graduation and I allotted 200 dollars for my little renovation, this is what I bought.

  • I bought that Rattan chair- super comfy!!!
  • The white coffee table- it was only 19.99
  • The greyish purply vase- it’s hand blown
  • the tall rice paper lamp- it was a last minute purchase but so perfect!

I left Ikea having only spent 140 dollars. Holy WOW!



Rattan furniture goes so perfectly in my room! It’s so fun to have inside.


Then to complete the look I went to Target and Marshalls (also known as TJ Maxx) for a few last minute organizational and comfort necessities.


I bought two of these rattan storage boxes that are long and skinny and one canvas fat one that will fit papers and binders. Now that I don’t have a desk I need something to keep my post-its organized.



This shelf on the coffee table was a necessity! Twice to storage space.

I also bought two feather pillows to make sitting between the wall and the table more comfy.



I LOVE this vase. I always do a pre-shop of Ikea online before I go to the store. It’s so big that I can’t get things accomplished unless I have a plan. I saw it online and I literally searched the entire marketplace and showroom floors for it, and I almost didn’t find it.



So was it madness???

Winking smile

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