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IIT Kharagpur – Techno-Management Fest – Kshitij – 2019

Posted on the 27 December 2018 by Ssankarr

Kshitij is the annual techno-management symposium of IIT Kharagpur. Since its inception in 2004, it has grown exponentially and has become the largest symposium of its kind in Asia. This ​year ​it ​is ​scheduled ​from 18th Jan​ to 20th Jan ​2019.

​Kshitij ​​has ​secured​ patronages ​from​ organizations ​like​ UNESCO,​ SAYEN​, and CEE.​Kshitij witnesses ​participants ​in ​thousands ​from ​different ​parts​ of ​the ​world.​The ​previous ​edition ​of ​Kshitij has​ witnessed ​60,000 ​participations. KSHITIJ ​gives​ away ​prizes​ worth ​45 ​lakhs.

The ​​fest​ consists ​of​ 30 ​events ​spread​ across ​10​ genres.​ This ​include ​online, ​submission​ events​ as well​ as ​on ​the ​spot ​events.​The ​flagship​ events​ were ​certified ​by ​famous ​organizations like ​IEEE, IMechE, ​ASME...​etc ​and ​consists ​of​ flagship events ​like ​robowars, embetronix, ​a ​business plan ​event ​and​ a ​hardware ​designing ​contest ​etc.​The ​registration ​for ​participating​ in ​any ​of ​the events ​is ​non-chargeable.

IIT Kharagpur – Techno-Management Fest – Kshitij – 2019

Apart from​ events, Kshitij hosts Workshops, Guest lectures and some Megashows. Workshops are​ conducted ​by ​technical​ giants ​like​ Nvidia , ​IBM,​ Oracle, ​Microsoft, ​Mahindra and Mahindra, Worldquant ​etc.

Some of the workshops in previous edition include:

  1. DevOps by Oracle
  2. Internet of things by HPE
  3. Quant Finance by Worldquant
  4. Human like AI by Microsoft.

Exhibitions: Kshitij acts as the perfect stage for showcasing path breaking technological advancements of recent times through its distinctive exhibitions like:

  1. 3D Mapping Drone from India
  2. Robotic Band from Japan

Guest Lectures: Kshitij boasts of an impressive guest lecture series every year. This year too, Kshitij has a fascinating lineup of stalwarts from various fields who will present their opinions and share their experiences. Last year we had the Guest lectures from the Some people like :

  1. Dr. Vasudev kalkunte Aatre - Indian Scientist and former head of DRDO
  2. Dr. Janos Pach - Mathematician and Computer Scientist
  3. Dr. Rajendra Singh - Water Conservationist winner of Stockholm water prize
IIT Kharagpur – Techno-Management Fest – Kshitij – 2019
Dr. Rajendra Singh with Prof. Partha Pratim Chakraborty

Megashows: Megashows are probably one of the most awaited facets of Kshitij. Last years Kshitij has following Megashows.

  1. EDM Night- DJ Sartek and Sara Santini
  2. Stand Up Night- Anirban Das Gupta and Karunesh Talwar
  3. Naalayak - The Band

For​​ further ​details​ you ​can ​visit ​the ​page ​​ ​,​ incidentally​ this​ is ​the​ largest ​student run ​website ​in ​the ​world. You ​can ​also ​follow ​us​ on​ our​ Facebook​ page ​Kshitij, IIT ​Kharagpur ​for​ the further ​updates​ regarding​ Kshitij.​ Kshitij​ is​ also​ available ​on​ all​ major​ social​ media​ platforms.

IIT Kharagpur - Techno-Management Fest - Kshitij - 2019

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