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Ignite House Envy with the Perfect Fireplace!

By Livedwithlove @kerrymarie
When winter rolls around, our fireplaces go into overdrive trying to keep away the chill. If your living room fireplace just isn’t doing the job anymore and you need a new one, try this handy guide to help you find the best replacement for your home. Whether you are searching for a cosy wood burner or want to browse a selection of electric fires to find one that will heat up your cold winter nights, we’ll help you find it. Ignite house envy with the perfect fireplace! Wood-Burners The classic country cottage feature; wood burners are now available for most modern homes as well. Using wood and coal to create heat, they can really put out a lot of warmth and the real flames create a cosy look for your living room. Most wood burners come in black cast iron and do look amazing once lit. They will require a bit of extra care and attention though as they need to be cleaned out on a regular basis to prevent blockages, so be prepared for that if you want one installed. Electric Turn it on and away it goes! Electric fires are the simplest kind to have as you can just plug them in and you’re done. They come in a variety of styles, from contemporary to traditional so you should be able to find something to suit your décor. Another advantage over the gas and wood burner varieties is that electric fires can be installed by you, no electrician required and don’t require a chimney. Ignite house envy with the perfect fireplace!
Gas Gas fires combine realistic looking flames with a decent heat output, making them a great choice for your living room. You will have to have it installed by a certified gas technician but many shops offer this service alongside your purchase. Gas fires, like electric ones, come in numerous different styles and sizes, so even if your living room or bedroom is on the small side, you will still be able to find a gorgeous fireplace to fit. You can even find recessed gas fires that fit into your wall like a picture frame. This is perfect for people looking for an ultra-modern look but don’t have the space. Vintage Once you have chosen your fire, the next thing is to pick your fireplace. There are so many fantastic styles out there, whether you want a mantelpiece, hearth, surround or all three! If you want a vintage look, go for ornate surrounds in either cast iron or marble. This will create a stunning feature for your room and, paired with an iron grate and a ceramic tiled hearth, creates a superb vintage finish. Ignite house envy with the perfect fireplace! Modern At the other end of the scale is the modern-style fireplace. To create this look you will need to look for sleek, polished finishing’s such as chrome, oak or black granite. Modern fireplaces swap intricate patterns and decorations for simplicity so less is definitely more. If you are worried about it looking too plain, add a few little touches such as a stylish vase or picture frame on the mantelpiece to give it a personalised touch. Ignite house envy with the perfect fireplace!
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