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Hyperactivity & Supplements

By Sunsparks
People use to ask me why I was always so tired. Well, If you were awakened at the crack of dawn and went to sleep after midnight, how well rested would you be? I rarely get questions like that anymore. That's because I started to get my hyperactive sweetie under control. Through sheer persistence,research and exhaustion, I discovered Kids Calm Multivitamin - 30 oz - Liquid (Fruity Splash flavor). They sell it at most natural food stores and online at Amazon. The average supermarket would probably not carry it.
I also use Nature Made Melatonin Tablets, Value Size, 3 Mg, 240 Countmelatonin(a natural sleep aid)for my kid. My pediatrician was fine with the use of these products and they work. Melatonin is a naturally occuring compound found in our bodies. It is sold over the counter at most drug and food places.
The vitamin supplement keeps my son healthy and calm. I notice that he rarely gets sick when he takes this on a regular basis. The melatonin takes about 20 minutes or so to work. I was a naturally mellow and obedient child, so my son's tendencies boggle my mind. But I guess that he needed someone like me to train him in the ways of peace and tranquility.
I use to take cod liver oil tablets on a regular basis as a child. There has been some improvement in behavior when I give my son Omega 3 fatty acid on a weekly basis.

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