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If They're Good Enough for B...

By Thestyletreaty @thestyletreaty
If they're good enough for B...
So there's been a slight craze around recently and it's all down to one lady: Isabel Marant and her wedge trainers. As slightly hideous as they are at first sight, I can guarantee you falling in love with these bad boys after a few more glimpses. For months I've been looking at them, dithering in my head *would I reaaaallyy wear them?* Well If they are good enough for B (aka the goddess that is Beyonce) then yes, they are good enough for A, (err.. me Abbie) Unfortunately, the current state of my money doesn't quite stretch to a pair of Marant's wedges and even if it could GOD knows where i'd find a pair, seeing as they've pretty much sold out global! However, taking a cheeky visit on Topshop's 'New In' section today were these beauties. Do they match my tick list? Well let's have a look...
  • Spring pastel colours? CHECK
  • Heel height? CHECK
  • Velcro straps? CHECK
  • Totally bad ass? CHECK
 Now all that remains is the question... is Oxford ready for me and my bad ass wedge trainers?
 In this kind of situation I like to ask myself this- What would Beyonce do? And the answer to that is simple, buy and work it!So, guys and dolls expect to see me strutting around Oxford in my wedge trainers probably not as cool as B... but still worth a try!
If they're good enough for B...

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