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Posted on the 27 April 2014 by Yamini
I am penis
I am Vagina
I am shade of the skin
I am color of the hair
I am tint of the eyeball
I am size of the body
I am the noun ascribed to me
I am hair style
I am the color of teeth
I am the amount of noise
I am marks in mathematics
I am the distance of the sprint
I am the prize in a competition
I am length of the legs
I am width of the waist
I am lips
I am hips
I am boobs
I am butt
I am abs
I am the education I receive
I am the education I don't receive
I am the sexual orientation
I am the brand of mobile phone
I am the money on the first of every month
I am the mode of transport
I am the food I eat
I am the text I read
I am the text I do not read
I am the number of kids I keep
I am the locality of home
I am the pictures I post on Facebook
I am the political party I support
I am all that I own
I am all the check boxes I tick
I am the yardstick I score
I am all this and more
I am all this and nothing more ??

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