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Ideas for Making Even a Boring Day Seem More Festive

Posted on the 05 March 2015 by Audiocred @audiocred

There is a certain level of monotony to working in an office. Perhaps unsurprisingly, too. Office work tends to involve much sitting at the same desk for hours on end, doing fairly repetitive tasks from 9-5 with only coffee breaks and lunch to break the rhythms. However, there’s nothing written down that says this must be a rule. Most office staff have, in their time, come up with a few ideas for making even a boring day seem more festive, most of which requires nothing more taxing than rearranging a few chairs and adapting some office supplies. It is a great way to break the ice, to get the staff to mix more, and gives something to celebrate.

What if you don’t have a reason to celebrate? Who cares? Sometimes a celebration can be a thing in itself. The goal here is not to commemorate anything, although you may if you wish. It is to break the tedium of a boring day at the office, and give you something to brighten it up a little with.


#1 Play Some Office Games

There are a number of small games that can be played in the office, if you have the time free and the space to do it in. Naturally you should only start doing this at times where the workload isn’t too heavy. If you have to choose between frivolous fun and doing your job, always do your job. A neat little office game won’t pay your mortgage.

Favorites involve such delights as the Invisible String, Blu-tack Movies and Photoshop tennis. Try to avoid any games that will create too much of a mess, such as having a Paper War, or may disturb people who are trying to work. Ideal office games can, if necessary, be contained entirely within one cubicle between two people if necessary, and use minimal equipment to play.

#2 Hang Up Some Signs

Often the best way to make an office seem a little more festive is to give it a little more color. The easiest way to do this is to hang up some signs. The nature of the signs doesn’t matter. If you can link them to an upcoming holiday or occasion, then all the better. In those instances, you may even want to look at getting a professional semi-permanent sign made as well, something that can be taken down afterwards to be used another time. If nothing else it provides a theme you can link all the signs together with.

However, there’s nothing wrong with the generic either. Sometimes something as simple as a humorous sign can really add a little more color to the office.

Signs can be made professionally by specific companies such as qualitysigndesigner.com, or made within the office. Be careful with the latter though. Don’t use supplies that are supposed to be for work.

#3 Go Green

Humans evolved in very green environments. This reflects a little in our psychology. We feel calm, relaxed and at ease in natural environments such as forests, glades or gardens. Bringing this into the office can, therefore, be a very effective way of brightening the place up and making it a little less boring.

A small space in the office or cubicle provides a sense of organic growth and life, as well as a distraction from the routine of work. Caring for a potted plant is a great way to blow off steam, or allow your mind reenergize after a particularly stressful deadline. More adventurous – and decidedly patient – folk may even try to give a bonsai tree a go.

#4 Bring in Something Edible

One of the most effective ways to brighten up a fairly boring office day is to bring in something that everyone can enjoy, and by enjoy we mean eat. Those with a passion for baking can bring this joy into the workplace to be shared by baking a tray of cupcakes or brownies, or maybe even a whole cake if they want to. Those of us without the talent for making things slowly rise in the oven though, can easily get by buying something at the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts or 7/11, however.

Just make sure the mess is cleared up afterwards, though, and that nothing gets into sensitive electronics.

#5 Celebrate the Little Things

It is natural to want to celebrate the massive milestones. The millionth customer, for example, or the tenth anniversary, or the third green budget year. However, sometimes you need to make a big fuss about the little things relating to the business as well. If an intern becomes a full-time employee, for example, throw them an office party to celebrate. If a co-worker is celebrating their second year anniversary, mark it somehow for them. The little things tend to be the more personal things, and this helps to tie people in with each other and build stronger bonds amongst the staff.

It also allows people to feel acknowledged personally by the company and their peers, and as a consequence feel valued. It’s also a lot easier to find small things to celebrate than big things, so if a week has been particularly monotonous, then a quick celebration such as this is a sure-fire way to make a boring day a lot more festive.

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