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I Worked So Hard…

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

I’ve been working at my Dad’s office the last few days getting a HUGE order ready to ship out. My Dad owns and runs a printing business along side his landscape photography gallery, and he owns a super special printer that will print on anything. Literally, anything that will fit between the base and the print head. It’s one of only a few in the USA and it’s the only one in California, so he gets commissions from a lot of different companies to print special things.

An artist he knows from LA has commissioned him to print, assemble, package, and ship 500 of these fine art pieces that are going to be sold through Crate & Barrel 2

So basically I’ve been doing heavy manual labor the last two days getting 250 of these wood wall art pieces ready to ship. It’s been really fun but my arms are exhausted! Click here to check out the pieces we’ve been making.

I earned pizza for lunch!

For lunch, and a much needed break the workforce including me, my Dad and Jaemen went for pizza at the Pizza Factory.


They have a lunch buffet with salad and tasty pizza. “We Toss ‘em, They’re Awesome”.


I’m not too hot on their salad bar, it’s pretty skimpy and their lettuce was not fresh. I only ate half the salad.


And I had two skinny slices of combination pizza, right out of the oven. Yum and so filling. I was really full after lunch.

We went back to the office and continued packaging until it was 1pm and I had to leave for the dentist appointment.

I earned FroYo!

Okay, so I decided on the way over because I was super nervous to be told I needed fillings or root canals that if I was overly traumatized after the appointment I’d treat myself to Myo for some froyo.

I didn’t have any cavities and my teeth are awesome! I’ve made it 24 years cavity and root canal free!

Totally bummed that I wasn’t traumatized and still wanting froyo I decided that a celebration was in order. I have made it a pretty long time cavity free. Most people can’t say that so I treated myself to a celebratory froyo

Open-mouthed smile


They had this new flavor I’ve never seen called Lavender Honey Tart that I had to try! I topped it with some blueberries, mini dark chocolate chips and coconut flakes.


That is a peach-o that snuck in for an appetizer.

Embarrassed smile
I don’t know anything about it.


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