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I Wore Fire Bolts on My Pants!

By Marensmorsels @marentweets


Last night was my first distance race in the history of my life. I ran the FireFly 5K with Max, his sister and her boyfriend, and his cousin. It was so much fun!!!

Everyone was prepping all their glowing paraphernalia before the race and there was a DJ playing really upbeat fist pumping tunes.

I had gone to the dollar store and bought 1.2 billion glowing bracelets and necklaces and glow in the dark nail polish!! I take glowing seriously…

I found these AMAZING TOO-COOL-FOR-SCHOOL tights at Sports Authority and I knew they were the perfect pants for this race. I got quite a few comments!!



When we picked up our Bibs they gave us Velcro reflector straps that had red blinky lights on them. They looked so awesome in the dark!!

Do you want to see some views of the raceway??



The dark freaks my camera out!! I don’t know what was going on with this one…


Doesn’t it look so cool?! Everyone’s glow sticks and light up reflector straps were really bright! I’m sure we were calling aliens to our home or something……………..I think I might have saw Elvis.


These are supposed to be me and Max’s sister Susanna running. Like I said… my camera was freaked out by the dark… or by seeing Elvis!!



I ran my 5k in 33:47 which isn’t very speedy but we had loads of fun!! All in all I had tons of fun and can’t wait to do more races!! Especially ones where I can wear my thunderbolt pants…….




My usual gf waffles with sunflower seed butter and jam with awake tea and soy. I’m clearly a creature of habit. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.


Today I’m a little sore. I hadn’t been running consistently before my race. My ankle is crazy mad at me. It really hurts. It’s just sore, it’s not injured or anything. With all the heavy lifting on Friday then my unexpected 5k last night I’m not surprised it’s sore.

On the agenda today………

Family lunch at noon

Babysitting little Dana from 2pm to 5pm

then it’s home for some couch time!!

Tell me about you!!!!!!! I want to know………….

All about your first race.

What your pre-run fuel is.

I had half an eric’s deli sandwich that I split with Max.

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