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I Was So Hungry, I Ate Tic-Tacs

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Hey guys! How’s the dreaded Mondays? Hopefully they’re going GREAT! Especially since you’ve already had lunch.

Mine started out good, quickly turned horrific, and now better than ever.

This morning I wasn’t hungry because I had a BIG pizza dinner with Max last night to celebrate his moving into a new apartment. So I skipped my usual breakfast for some Awake Tea with soymilk. This choice theoretically was fine. Dad and I planned to get our lunch break at 11:30ish while running some errands for work. Well, if everything had gone to plan I wouldn’t have turned into Scary-Hungry-Maren ready to kill people.

My Grandma called and needed someone to take her to the dentist at 11:30- Me.

I came back to the office, as planned with my Pops, to get lunch (which I am now very hungry for). He is with clients so I have to wait.

My Grandma calls at 12:05 to get picked up- Me. I have to leave office to take her to her manicure appointment. Now I am ready to kill someone in exactly 1.4 seconds.

I get to the office, and we finally eat at 12:30. I think I ate about 20 white Tic-Tacs while running my Grandma from place to place.

photo (5)

We went to The Bakery Station because it was right around the corner and my Dad was looking really frightened of me and my wrath!

I had the Igniter which was fabulous (could be that I was really really really hungry!).


This is what it had on it! Doesn’t it sound really good. Plus the bread was made in house this morning.

I also had a bag of Dirty Chips.

photo (3)

Normally, not a chip person but I needed food like right now and I had no patience to wait for my sandwich to get made.


And of course since we were at The Bakery Station we all left with a cookie bigger than our face!

photo (4)

My Dad now lives by the motto “Happy Daughter, Happy Life!”


Who Do You Turn Into When You’re Hungry?

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