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I Was Sexually Abused By A Taxi Driver At 14 Years Old

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

ID 10012778 I was Sexually Abused By A Taxi Driver At 14 Years Old

I was 14 years old and drunk once again. My father after an argument had kicked me out of the house because I was so drunk. My only option was to walk 3 miles up the dark country lanes to get to my friend’s house, so I had a bed for the night.

Silly I know especially so late at night but intoxicated I and angry at my dad I began the long walk. I had always felt very safe, I knew most of the people in my home town and knew my way around like the back of my hand,  I carried on walking carefree, watching the cars speed by.

Many taxis went past as usual, but then I heard a driver shout to me, “excuse me love” and being so unaware of the possible danger answered him.

He asked if I needed a lift and where I was going too, he offered me a lift. I explained I had no money and his reply was, “my daughter is around your age I would hate to think of her out like this”

So stupidly I got in and couldn’t thank him enough I was tired n still rather drunk.

Little did I know I was going to pay big time for that mistake?

We drove around talking on the way to my friends. All of a sudden he pulled into what we knew as Wallie Park and stopped in the car park.

I heard the doors lock; still I thought nothing of it until he unzipped his trousers.

I was forced to perform a sexual act upon him.

I had no choice, how could I get away?

After he finished he drove me the rest of the way to my friends.

I kept it to myself for days but it was haunting me. I finally got the guts to tell the police, they knew I had been drunk but I described him and his car and I knew which firm he was working for.

The police came out to see me again, but they told me that nobody of that description or car works for any of the companies locally and that was that.

For 2 years after that horrific night I used to see him driving his personal car laughing at me. So please ladies be careful, drill it in to your kids that not all Taxis are safe to get into and don’t let them be tortured like I was.


This inspirational post was written anonymously by a mom who is a member of my Facebook mums group. I have full permission to share her story. If you can relate to this post and would like to share your own anonymous post please contact me.

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