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I Was Paid in Sushi… I Feel Like Flipper.

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

And no that doesn’t mean I’m away and I’m cooking up a nutritious storm. It means I’ve been turned off cooking lately. I’m sad at myself. Maren! Get back on cooking!

photo (23)

I finally took a picture of my long run route. I’ve been wanting to forever so I can show you how cool it is. I literally run through strawberry fields. And lettuce, broccoli, onion and I think celery. Pretty darn neat right?!

Well, yesterday I got the running bug so I decided to do my 10 mile out and back. It didn’t go well.

  • my knee was super sore and not happy.
  • it was late in the day and normally I do long runs first thing in the morning
  • I hadn’t eaten enough
  • I’m pretty sure I was dehydrated

It just wasn’t happening so I turned my 9ish mile run into a 6.5 mile run and had my mom pick me up in this baby lettuce field.

photo (22)

Ahhhh!! Most frustrating run ever.

After my run I ate soup!

photo (21)

Lots and lots… and lots and lots of soup.

Try four bowls!


photo (20)

My Mom’s soupy specialty. It’s a minestrone but she adds ground turkey. YUMMMM!

I think my insides were drowning in soup by the time I was finished. That’s what running on an empty tummy will do to ya.

YAY Tuesday! Today!

photo (19)

Typical breakfast. Fried eggs and coffee.

I spent all day designing a website for a new client I have at my actual work. Computer coding makes me frustrated. I kept banging my desk and people at my office were very concerned about my sanity.

We took a noon-time break for some Chipotle lunch.

photo (18)

I kept my bowl uuber nutritious and tummy happy by having:

  • black beans
  • fajita veggies
  • steak
  • hot salsa
  • medium salsa
  • guacamole
  • double lettuce

Always gotta have the double lettuce.

Why would someone like me skip fitness today?!?!?! Because I was still frustrated and defeated by yesterday’s run. I admit it, the running god’s totally kicked my tr(ass)h yesterday and I’m still nursing my pride.

Instead of sweating like I should have, I sat on my sofa and ate a Jupiter sized bowl of herby popcorn while watching the season 3 finale of Dawson’s Creek.

Yep. I have no shame.

photo (17)

Tonight I hung out with my little friend Dana and I was paid (mostly) in spicy tuna sushi!!!!!!!!!!!

photo (14)

Call me Flipper!

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