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I Want Kim Kardashian To Leave Me Alone

By Cynisright @cynisright

11/07/2011- by Natasia Langfelder

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Hey girl- I don't think you got enough make up on!

I want Kim Kardashian to leave me alone. I’m trying to respect her privacy as she “heals” from the demise of her fake marriage, but she won’t let me. Before you all get up on me for joining the Kim K bashing bandwagon let me say this. I’ve never watched more than 5 minutes of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” or any of their other horrible, screeching, harpy-like excuses for television programming. It bores me, so I don’t watch it. I haven’t written about the Kardashians the entire time they’ve been famous. Because I don’t care and that’s what rational people do, ignore things they don’t care about.

I also don’t buy magazines that feature any of the Kardashians on the cover, but they are inside ALL of them. I don’t read the articles about them on TMZ, RadarOnline or People, US Weekly. No, I don’t read it. But I see the blurbs and then all of a sudden I’m full of useless kn0wledge about the deepest details of Kimmie K’s life. Knowledge I don’t WANT. Knowledge I WISH I could scrub from my brain. I can’t even leave the TV on unmonitored because no matter what station I have on, the Kardashians will be discussed. Soon the only channels I will be able to watch is PBS and the Weather Channel. And I’m pretty sure one day, one of those girls will be on Sesame Street, talking about the importance of letting your boyfriend film you getting a golden shower in order to become part of the 1% and then all I will have to watch is hurricane coverage.

My tipping point came this morning when I was reading The Crunk Feminist Collective, one of my fav blogs, and guess what? They were telling me to leave poor Kim Kardashian alone. Bitches I’m TRYING.

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Meet me at the alter in your white dress, we ain't getting no richer girl we might as well do it.

I don’t care that Kim Kardashian got married for money. Does it suck that she can get married and most LGBT people can’t? Yes. But she made 18 million dollars off that wedding. For 18 million dollars, who knows what any of us would do. I’m not judging her for that. I would probably marry her for that kind of dough.

But many people upset, claiming that she made a mockery of the institution of marriage and well…she did. Kim pushed it too far and alienated her fan base and now people are mad at her. Let me say this: if you thought Kim’s marriage was real, you’re ridiculous. Of course it was a sham. Kim lives her life in front of cameras for money. Sarah Jessica Parker offered Kim some advice, according to something I read on The Frisky, telling Kim that from now on she should keep her personal life private as she continues on her career. Kim’s personal life IS her career and she is shoving it down everyone’s throat constantly. I dare any of you to try to have a Kim Kardashian free day. I DARE you. It’s impossible.

Kim would take her privacy if she wanted it. She doesn’t. So stop preaching at “the public” to leave her alone. She won’t leave us alone. And don’t tell me that I feed into the machine that keeps her famous and rich. I don’t watch her shows, I don’t buy her products. Blame E! Blame Kris Jenner. Blame it on the a-a-a-al-al-alcohol. But don’t look at me. I didn’t do it.

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