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I Want, I Want, I Want

By Bethtinkerbell @TinksLostGirls


Hello folks,



1, The Hunger Games – I loved the books and I loved the film when I saw it as the cinema and now I want to own it. It really is that simple a want this week.

2. Swan by Clements Ribeiro Pansy Print Trousers, Evans – I think these pants are my favorite piece from the new collection. If i can’t afford to buy them before Christmas then they’ll definitely making their way on to my letter for Santa.

3. The Fabulous Baker Brothers – I’ve has this book in my Amazon basket ever since it was released and after watching GBBO bread episode I really want to give bread a go. I’m hoping that by buying this book and the mixture of bread recipes i might actually get round to baking a loaf without the use of the bread maker.

4. Morning Dew Moisturiser, Amie Skincare – After trying out the Amie face mask I had a trip over to the website because I want more! While i was there I spotted this moisturiser which will create a matte look to skin even oily skin and so I want to give it a try.

5. Land Girls, BBC -  I love the programme but I often miss episodes because it tends to be on quite early in an evening, plus I love having a good boxset. It’s probably going to be something that ends up on my Christmas list as it’s unlikely i’ll be able to afford it before Christmas.

Tink x

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