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I Want, I Want, I Want

By Bethtinkerbell @TinksLostGirls
I've decided to make my want lists a regular thing and so we're going to have Wednesday Wants from now on.
Wednesday Wants
I Want, I Want, I Want
1. Tortoise Chain Belt, ASOS. I'm loving this belt and I think it would brighten up many of my outfits and add something a little different.
2. Meringue Petticoat, Domino Dollhouse. I really want a petticoat, I bought a skirt the other week which would look fabulous with a petticoat underneath as would my 50's style dress.
3. Floral Belted Hi Lo Dress, Excite. I'm really liking Hi Lo dresses and I already have one from Excite which I love and so this one would be another fabulous addition to my wardrobe.
4. Bird Print Playsuit, Simply Be.  I really want to try out a playsuit, but i'm a bit scared that i'll look a bit daft in one. I'm not quite sure that I will be able to pull it off but I might invest in one and try one out. I'm loving this bird print playsuit, i've seen others i've liked before but not bought them.

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