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I’ve Opened My Etsy Shop!

By Bambileigh

It’s finally happened you guys. I was planning to open the shop a couple of weeks ago so I’d have more time to make things to sell, but I’m still waiting for some materials and inspiration (I’m having a crappy month, I’m just sitting watching Cougar Town all day!)

You can find the shop here:

I’m only selling to the UK at the moment, but if anyone actually likes and buys anything I will be looking into selling worldwide. I’ll be brutally honest here; I’m really really nervous. I’m proud of the things I’ve put up for sale but I’m really worried that no one will buy anything, and that no one will even find my shop – so if you’re reading this, I’d really really appreciate it if you would check out my shop and reblog this so your followers can see! I’d really love your support on this!

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