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I’ve Been Googled Search Wednesday!

By Actuallystrange @ActuallyStrange

All my frustration around school nearly made me forget about Google search Wednesday!

Most of the searches used to find my blog this week were pretty self-explanatory.

Some people wanted to know what Alan Rickman does in New York. I think that, in addition to performing, he does what any constant visitor to New York does; plus, he probably goes to see Daniel Radcliffe perform. They seem to have a mentor/mentee relationship.

Some people wanted information on Heath Ledger’s costume is Casanova. I don’t actually have information per say, but I do have a picture! And isn’t a picture worth a thousand words?

Speaking of pictures; someone looking for the picture of Mufassa’s paw print in The Lion King found my blog picture-less! I felt so bad that I added pictures from the movie to go with the words.


There were two searches I didn’t understand: omar breeveld don chirash and a minimum of one dream. Can anyone shed any light of these for me?

The most important search was actually strange wordpress.” Someone Googled me! I’ve been Google! I feel like I’ve officially begun to step into the door of making it in blogging!


I hope you are all having a fabulous evening!

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