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I Think I Have A Thing For The School Bus Driver

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

ID 10043828 I Think I Have A Thing For The School Bus Driver


Dear Supermum

I think I have a thing for the school bus driver. We  are always picking on each other. He says I moan too much which I do but just because he says that to me  I call him an old git as he is 13 years older than me. We know how old each other are, we are always talking and joking about. I love the days we use the bus as he lightens up my day

I was getting off the bus tonight and he asked me if I was on the bus tomorrow and I said no and he said see you after the New Year then, so I replied bet you will miss me, he laughed and said no

We even have a bet on next year, that if I don’t moan for a week he will give me a free buss ride. I don’t know what the point in this is, just needed to get it of my chest . I really don’t want to fall for him as knowing my luck he wont be single sorry for the sort off rant . Thanks for listening


Supermum Says;

I see a bit of harmless flirting going on here and why not? It made me smile when you wrote he lightens up your day and I kind of get the feeling whether you want to or not your falling for this guy. My only worry is that you may get hurt in the process unless you go digging for a bit of background information, in other words go and find out of hes taken or if hes single and up for grabs.

I am a little disappointed you never gave him a Christmas card with your phone number and a note saying ” Text me if your single”

Once you know for sure is hes interested and there are no restraints, I would say go along and enjoy the ride, but fasten your seat belt as it may get bumpy.


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 I Think I Have A Thing For The School Bus Driver

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