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I Shall NOT Be Weak for I Am STRONG!!

By Mspositivity @Ms__Positivity

Let your weakness make you Strong!!
I shall NOT be weak for I am STRONG!!
On this day, I have decided to take a moment and reflect.  How many times have we actually done that Shiners??  No I mean actually set some time aside of our busy road map of a day and mapped out some reflection time, and thought about our times when we were weak and the time when we were strong.  I know many times when things don’t go our way, such as our accounts are overdrawn, someone lied, we let someone down, we cried, we lost something, pride etc.  We tend to become weak and many have no clue how to bounce back.  Well today, I say no more.  It is time to be strong in our weakest times.
Many times our pride gets in our way, we continue to stay weak, and with that, we will never become strong in our daily trials.  I say this because sometimes I am weak and my pride gets the better of me.  Not too long ago I let someone else’s words raise my pride.  Let me explain, I needed help with something but because the way a certain person chose their words to me I said “Oh HELL NO.”  (Please excuse the language) but I know we have all been there and have felt the same way and with their chosen words, my pride went up or did it?  Was I just offended, or was it both offended and pride?  I think it was a little bit of both.  With those words we try our best to justify what we do or do not do, what we ask for or what we do not ask for.  Being prideful is a weakness when we need to be strong to step to a situation head on.  Look at the situation dead in its eyes and ask even though you may not want to, or want to hear what a person has to say, or even if they keep bringing back up old situations.  I am learning that granted this is not how we would like to live our lives but others cannot help how they live theirs.  Sometimes Shiners we do have to be weak to be strong, no matter how much we may despise having to reach out to that ONE person that we dread it makes us that much stronger that we did.  Therefore, the next time we decide that we want to say “OH HELL NO” just say it in your head because deep down “You” became that much stronger by being strong enough to ask when you were weak! So I dub this upcoming week be STRONG WEEK.  Tell us fellow Shiners how you became strong and tossed the weakness to the side. 
A little less prideful
Ms. Positivity

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