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I See you-JUST YOU.....

By Mspositivity @Ms__Positivity
In this day and in this society, I wish we all saw the same colors….NONE! Therefore, I challenge each of us to see No skin color, NO race, No religion….Take a stand and just see each other….The most beautiful color of them all.
I see you-Just YOU
I see you-JUST YOU.....
When I look at you, I see a person, not skin color.  Many different shades of browns, lights, even olive colors but I see you-just YOU!  Many see religions such as Christian, Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhism but I see you-Just you.  In my mind, I see no colors of skin, race, or religion-I see you-Just you.
Past power has caused us to be blind but still I see you.  Many races are holding on to incorrect history book lessons, being brained washed to see skin color and race not I, I see you-Just you.  Oh how unfair has history treated us-yes “US” poorly-just down right disrespectful.  Are we not in the same boat these days?  Many still see color and race even when we are all struggling in this place but as for me, I see you-Just you.
Many teach their children color and religion….I cannot practice such acts why? because I see you-Just you.  Teach our children that there is no skin color, race, or religion because none of that matters.  Do we all not struggle with not having enough food, clothes, money, jobs, love?  None of the things listed has anything to do with color, race, or religion; they are upon all of us at this very moment in time.  In my opinion, it is morally incorrect to pass on such hate of a skin color, or religion.  I do not practice these acts-why, because I see you-Just you.  I see the person, the character, the smile, love, patience, kindness, humbleness, helpfulness, tears, hurt, pain, sadness, happiness, laughter, poverty, loyalty, richness.  See not one time did I mention skin color, race or religion-why because I see you-Just you and I hope that you Just See Me To! 

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