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I Remember A Time When Dating Was Much Simpler

By Shauntee @shaunteebattie

I Remember A Time When Dating Was Much SimplerI remember a time when dating was so simple and fun. Someone would ask you out via a phone call not text, you say yes, and when the day of your date arrives they contacted you to tell you what time they would pick you up. You spent all day picking out the right outfit, the right shoes, making sure your hair was together, and your manicure was fresh. You went out had a good time and you could expect a phone call. Men actually courted women and made their interest known. After a few dates and a bunch of phone conversations, you were together. You didn’t have to have the talk nor did you have to wonder if you were actually dating or going out as friends. People at that time actually had relationships and you didn’t waste your time dating and getting to know someone for 6 months to year without it going anywhere. Yes, I’m having a moment of reflection, I’m thinking of a simpler time in life when people actually dated. A time when you didn’t have to figure out what your place was, or have a  conversation to find out if you were indeed dating.

This new age dating shit has thrown me for a loop and most of the time you end up confused, misunderstood, and just plain crazy. You end up confused because now when you date people you actually have to ask if it’s a date and then they say some crazy shit like “we hanging out” what the hell does that mean. Next, they say we’re friends but then treat you like someone their dating and you end up confused because you don’t know what the hell they doing and they don’t either. You then become misunderstood because of the fact that you have to have conversations to find out if you’re actually dating and to find out if they’re on the same level. So you ask “what are you looking for & what are your views on commitment?” You then get the look of death because for some reason asking these questions makes someone think you’re ready to settle down and marry the person next week, so you‘re now officially misunderstood. Once you’ve become confused and misunderstood, you then become crazy. After you’ve went through the hassle of putting on your make-up, getting all dressed up, asking the right questions, and having what you thought was a nice time, you wonder why you don’t hear from him/her. You then sit and stare at your phone and wonder if maybe you should call them thus driving you completely insane for at least a few minutes. You then get the wonderful privilege of meeting someone else which basically starts the cycle all over again. This happens over and over again until you either meet the “one” or go bat shit crazy, whichever comes first! Nobody courts anybody anymore and almost everyone wants to be slick rick! There are still good people out there but the pickings are getting slimmer each day.

I Remember A Time When Dating Was Much Simpler

You would think that I would be tired of the dating cycle, but despite its changes, I will continue to get all dolled up, pull out the perfect outfit, and get ready to at least be entertained. Nothing worth having is ever easily obtained, love included. You continue until you find that needle in the haystack or until that needle finds you♥

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