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I Recommend... Nicholas Sparks

Posted on the 30 January 2012 by Refreshing Reviews @refreshingr
You can not call yourself a romantic book lover until youhave read Nicholas Sparks! His novels are just beautiful. The way he tells thestory is inspiring; he makes them run so smoothly and the different viewpointsin some novels connect effortlessly. If you have not heard of Nicholas Sparks,you may wonder how a male can write the best romance novels ever. I don’t know,but he does it! My theory is that he is able to understand how a male wouldreact to certain situations, and this makes females want to read more. (He doeswrite from female point of view, and realistically too!)
A Walk to Remember
I came across Nicholas when I fell in love with the movieversion of his novel, A Walk to Remember.A romance between two people that you thought wouldn’t fit together, theyare so different. A series of situations and noble acts makes love blossom… Itsounds similar to many romance novels, doesn’t it? But Nicholas doesn’t leaveit at that. When you think that the love story has a happy ending, a secret isunearthed that has the power to break the newly formed relationship. It is thecharacters that really hold in your heart; their love, their growth, theirpersonalities. I had to read the book! From this point on, I was captured byhis writing, his style, and his stories. I recommend the film version as wellas the book, they are both masterpieces.
The Last Song
I read this book before the film version, which I amgrateful for (although I did enjoy the film). If I had watched the film first,the characters would have been in my mind throughout reading, and the bookgives too much depth for that. The book is very… enlightening. It makes yourealise what you have and what you shouldn’t take for granted, to put the pastin the past and more forward in life. I loved this novel, and it was sodifferent from A Walk to Remember! Ican’t believe how the same author could have written both novels. Normally theystick to the same basic story – girl meets boy, something happens to test theirlove, and they end up together – but not Nicholas Sparks! He includes familytroubles, illnesses, morals, trouble makers, crimes, everything! The ranges tohis novels are just so amazing! And this counts for all of them, not just The Last Song.
Safe Haven
I would definitely recommend this book! Just wow! It hasgone from teenage love stories and troubles, to a woman escaping to a new lifewhilst her abusive husband tries to track her down. The story is so strong, atthe end you feel like you can conquer anything. The reality that abuse doeshappen will make you feel very attached to the main character, wanting to helpher and in turn real people will these troubles. This is definitely for themore mature readers and as a teenager I found the descriptions quite heavy attimes, but essential to make the story as strong and impacting as it is. Thetwist at the end was a surprise, but there are signs along the way, so if youdon’t like the storyline, read it anyway to see if you are more observant thanme!
The Lucky One
Ithas been a while since I last read this novel of his, and I only borrowed itthen so I can not read it again! I will definitely recommend it to anyone, andagain it is very different from all of the others. This novel is about a manwho, during the war, finds a photo of a beautiful girl. After the owner of thephoto is not found he decides to hold on to it, and luckily too because itsaves his life. The girl is his lucky charm, and he wants to say thankyou. Hegoes on a search for this girl in the photo, and when he sees a “help wanted”sign where she works, he thinks this is the perfect way to repay her. As youcan see through me recounting the story after so long, it does stick with you(as with all his novels), and is heart warming to read.
I am currently reading his novel Message in a Bottle,and my aim is to read all of his novels before I die - not a hard target, butyou have to make it achievable. I would recommend Nicholas Sparks to all theromantics out there, as his writing style and imagination to make each story anew adventure is remarkable.

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