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I Never Wear Anything Twice

By Arianel
 Hi Ladies!Another day, another blog post, another outfitI never wear anything twiceIt's been going on for as long as I can rememberFigure the mathHow many outfits?There are not enough numbers I think?It began when I discovered charity shops
I remember Friday night gathering at the Salvation Army in the 90s
Clothes coming out of our ears, special prices, items put aside for us thrift shop addicts
Laughing, chatting, making friends
All united by the thrill of the hunt
Going home with our treasures - Ah! Good Times!
After all this years I still have the same feeling
I can't wait, the anticipation of finding that special piece is a complete rush
 This is what I wore to work this week  Shift Dress - Vera Moda new with the tags purchased at Salvation Army 2 for 1 sale  a1
Dress purchased on E-Bay this summer
Glasses yes new! post coming up soon
I think glasses are the biggest rip off on the planet especially when it comes to progressive lens
But I test drive a pair ordered on line and...stay tuned...for the review
Skirt purchased at Salvation Army at a 2 for 1 saleSalvation Army is my ultimate lunch time destinationLike Vix said - Charity shopping makes any job bearableThinking about it- She's right, I never thought of it! Owl top - Retail from a shop in my hoodThis shop in my hood, I don't mind buying from, they are so nice and friendly Shoes - H&M - Retail on sale
I got a call from my doctor at 5pm today
Which doctor calls you at 5pm I ask you?
Anyway, as I was listening to her holding a glass of wine
My heart was pounding like crazy awaiting the results
All is normal she said - I just wanted to call you because I was informed that your Pap test specimens were contaminated with another patient's specimens, in all the years i have been practicing it rarely happened
Just wanted to tell you all your tests are normal
God what a relief!
What am I gona do to celebrate
Thrift shopping of course
Salvation Army is having a 99 cents sale Friday
And believe me I will be there
Out the abnormal cells in the clothes
Life is short you never know what will happen
A day not dressing up is a day wasted
I will see you soon
Big hugs all

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